Thursday, February 10, 2011

James Lipton + guests help determine plural of "Prius"

About a month ago, I posted this video about the plural form of "Prius."
    Looks like James Lipton is helping to figure out the answer.  See what his guests have to say...

"Join James Lipton for his study of the plural of Prius as William Shakespeare shows why he is commonly referred to as the "Immortal Bard." O! To thine own vote be true."
for "Priuses"
"In this episode of Wordliness, James Lipton puts rapper MC Flossary's plural of Prius on blast. Lay down your own vocal line."
to "Prii"
"James Lipton elevates the show to new heights (and murky depths) interviewing Randall the Octopus. In this guest, James seems to have found his academic equal. Grow a backbone and choose your favorite plural of Prius."
for "Prien"
"James Lipton is back. In this episode, he talks with spelling bee champion Jeff Nieberding. Braininess (and awkwardness) is at an all-time high. The word is Prius - now use its plural in a sentence."
for "Prius"
"In this particularly rousing episode, James Lipton welcomes members of the Cedar Sandpipers cheerleading squad to the show. It is truly a sight to see. When we say "go," you say "vote." GO!"

Vote for your favorite plural of Prius at 
and check back on 2/20/11 to see if your plural was deemed official.

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