Friday, February 4, 2011

Groupon Super Bowl? Mind Blowing Deals commercial

YouTube description:
"Our first commercial, made when we were a wee website in early 2009.
 ...While watching the 2009 Super Bowl after we'd just launched Groupon, a few of us noticed how dumb most the ads were—seemingly all of them had some sort of slapstick after another, they began to appear increasingly absurd, especially because none of the people affected by the slapstick violence were hit with the actual painful consequences of real violence. Some driver would get distracted by a Slim Jim or a lady wearing Revlon and he'd crash his car, which would explode...after which the only consequence would be that he'd have ash all over his face, frayed hair, and a less than funny stunned look.
     In response, we commissioned a super low budget commercial with the same premise of senseless violence, but this time with it's shockingly realistic aftermath that violence tends to have. It is a lesson in anti-violence, and an fossil of Groupon in the earliest phase of its horrifying evolution."

(Directed by Pat Meegan)

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