Monday, February 28, 2011

Swedish Tennis Veterans: Tennis ball

Advertising Agency: Volt, Sweden
Copywriter: Jens Thelfer
Art Directors: Joakim Söderqvist, Alexander Hansen
Photographer: Lasse Kärkkäinen
Final art: Åsa Stjärnquist, Staffan Kjellvestad
Account manager: Louise Wallgren

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pulp Books - Read Yourself Interesting print campaign

   fill that awkward silence...

Lebeau Auto Glass: Mafioso

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada
Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud
Art Director: Fabrice Bouty
Copywriter: Adrien Le Grand
Photographer: Jean Malek

Mercedes Benz: Left Brain - Right Brain

 Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel
‏Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan, 
Creative Director: Yariv Twig
‏Art Directors: Gil Aviyam, Dror Nachumi, Illustrators: Gil Aviyam, Lena Guberman
‏Copywriters: Sharon Refael, Oren Meir
‏Executive Client Director: Adam Polachek,
Planner: Nili Rabinowitz
‏Account Supervisor: Yael Yuz, Account Manager: Mayran Sadeh
‏Head of Strategic Planning: Yoni Lahav, Planning Director: Zohar Reznik
Published: February 2011

Yorkshire Tea: Little Urn & A Proper Brew ad (mmm!)

Yorkshire Tea is making tea the right way...

    Check out their latest ad below and see more on their YouTube (or "BrewTube") page!


YouTube description:
"From our customers' letters and comments we know how hard it can be to find good tea abroad. So we sent Little Urn, our specially converted ice cream van, on a rescue mission. He's touring the USA right now to bring Brits abroad a proper brew, using to keep everyone updated, live from the road. And now we've taken the best moments from the trip so far to make our new TV advert - have a look and let us know what you think!"

Neckermann Reisen: Melted Snowman


"Send the winter in the desert. Or in the Caribbean, Australia or South America...
Neckermann makes it possible."

"We sent out melted snowmen in a glass to selected Neckermann travel agencies.
Content: a carrot, a few pieces of coal, some buttons – and a load full of water.
During the campaign between October and December 2010, the glass was placed 
on desks and hence promoted the offer in a attention-grabbing manner."

Advertising Agency: Heye & Partner GmbH, Munich, Germany
Creative Directors: Fabian Hinzer, Jan Okusluk, Zeljko Pezely
Art Directors: Sarah Remböck, Monika Gruber, Katharina Bischof
Copywriter: Stefanie Mayerhanser
Published: July 2010

H-57 Creative Station: Re-Pack

"Close to the Christmas holidays we decided to reuse / recycling of existing packaging to help reduce pollution, so you can make the gift packets "original" and contribute (albeit in small part) to protect the environment. Re-Pack Project - Recycling existing packaging is a way to produce and pollute less. The more you recycle, the less you have to dispose of. End the better it will be for planet earth." 

Advertising Agency: H-57 Creative Station, Milan, Italy 
Creative Directors: Matteo Civaschi, Gianmarco Milesi
Graphic Designer: Matteo Civaschi
Copywriter: Gianmarco Milesi
Account Director: Sabrina Di Gregorio 
Published: December 2010

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spuk Pictures: Monroe Print Ad

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Toygar Bazarkaya
Executive Creative Director: Carsten Bolk
Art Director: Jake Shaw
Copywriter: Florian Birkner
Photographer: Matt Barnes
Account Mansager: Liselotte Schwenkert

Lego StarWars - "Make Your Own Story" print campaign

L'Etudiant Vet print ad: Sure your career choice is the best fit?

Advertising Agency: Young + Rubicam, Paris, France
Creative Director: Les Six
Art Director: Guillaume Auboyneau
Copywriter: Eric Lavenac
Photographer: Corbis
Art buyer: Claire Nicaise
Published: January 2011

Young Director Award by CFP-E/Shots: Pool


Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS Helsinki, Finland
Copywriters: Markku Haapalehto, Mira Olsson
Art Director: Minna Lavola
Photographer: Jere Hietala / Fake

Print: Asia: Indonesia: Confectionery & Snacks: Creative Juice: Mint Z: Fingernail Art

"Improved chewing skill"
Advertising Agency: Creative Juice, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer: Thirasak Tanapatanakul
Creative Director: Wahyu Kentjana
Art Director: Richard Atmadja
Copywriter: Desy Olivya
Graphic Designers: Dewi Simanjuntak, Yusuf Wahyudi, Endra Nur
Photographer: Artli Ali / Anka!
Published: December 2010

Int'l Society for Human Rights: Scared Leaders, Muammar

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Directors: Simon Oppmann, Peter Roemmelt
Copywriter / Art Director: Taner Ercan
Photographers: Robert Eikelpoth, Michael Breyer
Art Buying: Christina Hufgard

Shivam Handloom Deep Sleep Mattresses: Obama

Not sure how I feel about this one... thoughts??

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Mumbai, India
National Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Executive Creative Directors: Rahul Mathew, Akshay Kapnadak
Creative Directors: Talha Bin Mohsin, Mahesh Parab
Art Directors: Mahesh Parab, Prashant Kandalkar
Copywriters: Talha Bin Mohsin, Vilsen Gonsalves
Illustrator: Nithin Rao Kumblekar
Published: December 2010

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dramamine: Beat Motion Sickness print campaign

Destination... Cloud Nine?

My favorite ad from the print campaign:


(There's also "Car" and "Boat.")

46 Cool Vintage Ads!

The subject line says it all!
  Here's the link!

Meet the El Montereys - Frozen Mexican Food, Passion & Intrigue!

"Meet the El Montereys -- television's most drama-free family! The only thing they love more than anti-climactic twists are delicious El Monterey burritos, enchiladas, rolled tacos, and chimichangas."

Enter the delicious world of El Monterey and The Hacienda, and check out some of their passionate commercials below!


You can see more of the El Montereys on El Monterey's YouTube page and homepage.

And vote for your favorite El Monterey charcter on the El Monterey Facebook page...

Aquafresh Milkteeth print campaign

Aquafresh Milkteeth toothpaste... these treats are out to get you, kiddies beware!


Molfix Newborn Extra Small Baby Diapers print campaign



WMF Knives (Amazing peeling) print campaign



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miracle Whip - Take a Side campaign

Do you love it, or hate it?  Personally, I hate it!!!!
   But that's just me (and a whole lot of other people!)

Watch "Take a Side" and see who's on the two teams...
(You might see someone you recognize!)

and to get in on the fun!

"A Day Made of Glass" made possible by Corning.

This video has gotten nearly 3 million views in the past few weeks, check it out and be amazed!

The Great Fire of 1789... Another John Jameson commercial!


50 Ads Starring Oscar Winners - AdFreak

Check out AdFreak's incredible compilation here!

Bowlmor Lanes: Bowl The Perfect First Date commercial

Aside from the tongue-kissing start, I love this art direction!

Natalie Portman for Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie

Check out another Dior commercial I love here!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

U by Kotex Cheerleader commercial

The U by Kotex campaign (remember the "White" ad?) is back with "Cheerleader!"

"I love frolicking through fields when I'm on my period. That's why I trust my tampons with HydraWeave protection. ('When I do this... my tampon holds 97 percent more!') Only we have the patented FlowTrap shield. ('We have German-engineered trickle proof technology. P-E-R-I-O-D!')
U by Kotex - amazing protection, no hype. ('Period!')"
Super: "Don't trust the hype. Trust the tampon."

(Visit the U by Kotex YouTube page to see more videos.)

Volkswagen Passat commercial - ft. Alice Cooper's Poison

Agency: ACW Grey Israel |


Dead Island Official Announcement Trailer

Wow. Have you seen this?  Stunning zombies.


Scarlett Johansson for Moët & Chandon champagne


Dita Von Teese for Renault "Va Va Voom"

"Va Va Voom" is RIGHT!

See a few other Renault commercials in two posts from last year here and here!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kickass Sushi commercial (Japan)


Allstate "Soy La Mala Suerte" - "Bread" commercial

With all the "Mayhem" rage, of course Spanish ads were a natural way to push ahead with the campaign.
    I posted the first ad back in January, and today I bring you the latest, "Bread":


Nike "Throwdown" ("No no no no no") commercial


(Even without the music, it's awesome!)
See more on Nike's YouTube page.

ESPN - It's Not Crazy, It's Sports commercial ("Dancing Coaches")

ESPN ads make me smile!
...Check out the recent "Dancing Coaches" spot  and some other "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" ads below!


("'Roll Tide' is a universal expression among 'Bama Nation, versatile and applicable in nearly every situation as a greeting, farewell or standard cheer or praise.")

Are you smiling yet?

T-mobile Charles Barkley "I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It)" Video


Monday, February 21, 2011

Verizon Motorola Droid 2 Robot Hands commercial

After blogging about the Super Bowl ads that stirred up mixed emotions (Part 3) including the ad for Xperia by Sony Ericsson (you know, the thumb?), I had to share the following ad (even though it's from over 6 months ago) for Verizon Motorola Droid 2...

I still like it. Enjoy.

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Old Spice Komodo commercial

Maybe you've seen "Scent Vacation," but have you seen "Komodo"?  Here ya go!

"New Old Spice Komodo is not a desert isle populated with poisonous ten-foot lizard beasts, it is a freshening balm named after that island."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top Chef (Kevin) Target commercials! YES! YES! YES!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These ads are fantastic, especially if you know who Kevin is from Top Chef!
(He is a true meat-lover.)

Nelly for Ford Explorer?

Thoughts?  Can't decide if I'm for or against, creative or been done?

(YouTube description):
"Check out this new high-definition extended version of Nelly's 2011 Ford Explorer video that debuted at the 53rd Annual Grammy's. Nelly attempts to answer a question posted to Facebook about the 2011 Ford Explorer and its new audio system, but his hipster director keeps interrupting him with dancing girls, balloons, trapeze artists, fireworks, flashy lights, and snow."

Virgin Media - "A More Exciting Place to Live"

Song lyrics: "Our House" (by Madness)

YouTube description:
"At Virgin Media we think everyone deserves a more exciting place to live.
See what we mean by watching our brand new TV ad."

Yahoo - "Lover Come Back" commercial

Love the music. Love the emotion.

"Bring your words to life through pictures that say it all with picture slideshows
in the new Yahoo! Mail."

Also check out "World's Greatest Dad":

Visit for more videos. 

Mammoth Supply Co "Real Man Food" Yogurt commercial

What can men do? Apparently, they can eat yogurt.

Check out

HP Printer Optical Illusion

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Subaru Canada's "Sexy Sumo" commercial (Forester)

"With the new Japanese-engineered Subaru Forester,
Sexy comes standard."

"Don't cry milk" Target commercial

..."I miss them, too." So cute. So funny. (For Oreos.)

"Crying Milk"
"A little girl consoles her milk."

Also check out other recent spots: "Green Drink," "Take Out" and "Hot Potato."

Takeout trash Date night Target Commercial

"Wow, you made this?!" (New from Target - for Hefty's BlackOut trash bags.)

"A man tries to impress his date with a few little white lies."

Also check out the other recent spots: "Crying Milk," "Hot Potato" and "Green Drink."

Hot Potato Sick Kid Target Commercial

Another new Target ad!

"Hot Potato"
"A little girl passes along more than just a hot potato."

Also check out the other recent spots: "Green Drink," "Crying Milk" and "Take Out."

Ominous Green Drink Health Shake Target Commercial

Funny new Target ad!

"Green Drink"
"A woman chokes down green sludge in the name of health."

 Also check out the other new spots: "Crying Milk," "Take Out" and "Hot Potato."

Florida Orange Juice commercials

Have you seen these? I think they're pretty funny!!
 (I've even included a spoof at the end!  Note: some foul language.)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Super Bowl ads - I'm undecided, Part 3

9 days after Super Bowl 45, I am still thinking about some of the ads I saw during the game.
   While the ads below are not my favorites, they're not my least favorites either.

Here are some of the ads that have slowly stirred up my wishy-washy, often neutral feelings in
"Super Bowl ads - I'm undecided, Part 3"
"Android is ready to play..."

 Did you try unlocking the code?
I was successful, but not super impressed with the bonus they offered.

Super Bowl ads - I'm undecided, Part 2

9 days after Super Bowl 45, I am still thinking about some of the ads I saw during the game.
   While the ads below are not my favorites, they're not my least favorites either.

Here are some of the ads that have slowly stirred up my wishy-washy, often neutral feelings in
"Super Bowl ads - I'm undecided, Part 2"


Super Bowl ads - I'm undecided, Part 1

9 days after Super Bowl 45, I am still thinking about some of the ads I saw during the game.
   While the ads below are not my favorites, they're not my least favorites either.

Here are some of the ads that have slowly stirred up my wishy-washy, often neutral feelings in
"Super Bowl ads - I'm undecided, Part 1"


Jim Beam Williem Dafoe "Bold Choice" commercials

Have you seen the "Parallels" ("Bold Choice") spots from Jim Beam starring actor, Williem DafoeBreathtaking.  Even more respect for Mr. Dafoe, check out the long version...

"Life boils down to a series of choices. Before long, the choices you make and the ones you don't become you. But which you? Worse? Better? Someone you can't even recognize? It can make you question everything. Whether you're strong enough, good enough... All choices lead you somewhere. Bold choices take you where you're supposed to be."

Found the ads (including a 30 second version and a 60 second version)
on Jim Beam's YouTube page.

You can also hear Williem's voice
in the latest commercial for Fage Plain Yogurt!

Monday, February 14, 2011

AT+T "Shout Your Love from the Mountaintop" TV commercial campaign

     Have you seen the "Shout Your Love" campaign from AT+T? Pretty clever if you ask me! Check out some of the ads below and see more on AT+T's YouTube page. Try it out yourself on the "Shout from the Mountain" Facebook app"Think I'll go make me some pine needle sandwiches!"

"Sometimes you love someone so much you want to shout it from the mountaintop.
Why not get someone who's already on the mountain to do it for you?
Like a mountain man."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

James Lipton + guests help determine plural of "Prius"

About a month ago, I posted this video about the plural form of "Prius."
    Looks like James Lipton is helping to figure out the answer.  See what his guests have to say...

"Join James Lipton for his study of the plural of Prius as William Shakespeare shows why he is commonly referred to as the "Immortal Bard." O! To thine own vote be true."
for "Priuses"
"In this episode of Wordliness, James Lipton puts rapper MC Flossary's plural of Prius on blast. Lay down your own vocal line."
to "Prii"
"James Lipton elevates the show to new heights (and murky depths) interviewing Randall the Octopus. In this guest, James seems to have found his academic equal. Grow a backbone and choose your favorite plural of Prius."
for "Prien"
"James Lipton is back. In this episode, he talks with spelling bee champion Jeff Nieberding. Braininess (and awkwardness) is at an all-time high. The word is Prius - now use its plural in a sentence."
for "Prius"
"In this particularly rousing episode, James Lipton welcomes members of the Cedar Sandpipers cheerleading squad to the show. It is truly a sight to see. When we say "go," you say "vote." GO!"

Vote for your favorite plural of Prius at 
and check back on 2/20/11 to see if your plural was deemed official.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Target "Am I Sweating?" I Love You card commercial

Ahh, Valentines Day awkwardness...

YouTube description:
"Sometimes love makes you absolutely stupid."
(Closing song again, appropriately: "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis)

Also check out:

Kid with frog Hershey Kisses Target commercial

In Target's "Valentine's Gift,"

"A little boy ruins any chance of recess hand-holding..."

(Closing song, appropriately: "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis)

Also check out:

"No you hang up first" Target commercial

A dad sees his daughter on her bed yapping and gushing to most likely her boyfriend or crush...

Here's "The Talker" from Target
(for Boost Mobile's unlimited talk, text and web offering)
YouTube description:
"A teenage girl is definitely going over her minutes this month."

Target Snickers Peanut Butter Frosting commercial


61 Super Bowl commercials in 2 Minutes! (2011)

Yes, you read the the post title correctly!

Dog Chair, Brazil furniture commercial

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl 45 Runners-Up!

My two Super Bowl 45 Runners-up awards go to  Stella  and  Sealy!   SS-UPER!

Stella Artois


Monday, February 7, 2011


It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!
YouTube description: "Audi proves to be the only getaway from Luxury Prison in this 2011 Super Bowl commercial. Experience Progressive Luxury at"
YouTube description: "This Bridgestone Super Bowl ad is about 'Carma' with a 'C.' It's the belief that one's good driving deeds do not go unrewarded. In this memorable tale, a chance encounter on an idyllic woodland road puts one driver's fate squarely in the paws of a very special little beaver. What happens next may change the way you drive forever."
YouTube description: "Teleflora flowers Super Bowl 2011 commercial featuring Faith Hill helping a sound engineer choose Valentine's Day 's flowers and card message for his girlfriend."
Bud Light
Coca Cola
YouTube description: "In Coca-Cola's 'Siege,' we learn that sometimes a little happiness is the most effective weapon. The commercial was first shown during 2011's Super Bowl XLV (45)."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist Favorites!

Here are my Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist Favorites!
   (Found on

Pepsi Max Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist Favorites!

Here are my Pepsi Max Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist Favorites!
   (Found on

(The others? "Love Hurts" and "Elevator Girl")

Mercedes-Benz "Welcome" Super Bowl Commercial 2011

Here's the extended cut! Featuring Diddy! (or whatever he goes by nowadays)...

Suzuki Auto's Kizashi vs. Wicked Weather commercial

Fun!  (But not for Mr. Snowman)...

FVAP "Your Greatest Weapon" Super Bowl commercial

Forget GoDaddy.
This could be one of the most controversial ads of the night,
for the Federal Voting Assistance Program...
What do you think?

YouTube description:
"Just as the pen is mightier than the sword, your vote will always carry greater strength than any gun. Here's a spot Mullen put together for the Federal Voting Assistance Program to remind American servicemembers to send their votes home where they belong.

This is my weapon. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless.

In the new Department of Defense public service announcement (PSA) the Rifleman's Creed acts as a call to action -- your vote is your most powerful weapon. It will debut on the American Forces Network (AFN) during Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011. The message, your vote is your weapon. Register."

Agency: Mullen (Boston, MA), Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Group Creative Director/Copywriter: Dave Weist, Group Creative Director/Art Director: Tim Vaccarino
Copywriter: Brian Tierney, Executive Director of Integrated Production: Liza Near
Producer: Susan Poor, Account Service: Don Lorenzet; Chip Cook
Media: Joslin Higgins, PR: Kate Hunter, Production Company: Imaginary Forces
Director: Brian Mah, Executive Producer: Ben Apley, Producers: Crystal Deones; Adam Lawson
DP: Aaron Platt, Lead Animator: James Anderson, Editor: Joe Denk, Inferno Artist: Rod Basham
Colorist: Rod Basham, Sound Design/Mixer: Mike Secher; Keith Roberts

YouTube Category: Education

HomeAway Super Bowl commercial - Ministry of Detourism

Have you heard about the smushed baby? Have you seen the ads?

Check out more of HomeAway's Super Bowl campaign below!
Super Bowl XLV ad

Brought to you by HomeAway & the Ministry of Detourism

"More proof that hotels hate you"...

(All videos found on HomeAway's YouTube page.)

Old Spice Man "Scent Vacation" commercial

YouTube description:
"Take your nose on a scent vacation full of fun memories and heart surprises."

GoDaddy Super Bowl 2011 ad? "The Contract"

Found this on what's your take on the Jillian Michaels addition? What do you expect to see tomorrow night??

Dr. Phil - Troy and Joe "It's Good To Have a Ring"

Remember this one?

"Even Angels Will Fall" Axe commercial

See more Axe ads like "Getting Dressed," below at