Monday, December 13, 2010

Target Christmas Robot "Electronic Santa"


"A music-video daydream about all the electronics you want for Christmas."
(Here's a link to the shorter version)

Download this song and others for free at
(For more holiday spirit, check out Target's other musical holiday spots: "Toy Jackpot," "Mrs. Claus Ain't Got Nothin on Me," "10,000 Watts," "You'll Never Find My Christmas" and  "Tiny Tree Christmas.")


Joseph said...

I really like this! I was trying to find who made this to see if they have other music. I know Target says Blazer Force, but I couldn't find anything; all I find is this song. Any one know?

Lizasan said...

Hi Joseph! I like this ad too - it's my favorite of all the new ones... I don't know any more info about the artist unfortunately. Couldn't find much when I searched for them. But you can download the song and the whole album for free at Enjoy and happy holidays!