Monday, December 6, 2010

Chevy (and Craig Robinson) - Duramax and Allison commercials

Craig Robinson is all over the place!

Today's example: Chevy Silverado's "Duramax and Allison" ad series... (or should I say Duramax Diesel and Alison Transmission?) Check them out below and find out more at!
"Max + Al sing a special lullaby to keep baby F-250 Power Stroke® from getting fussy when she's trying to tow something heavy."
"Max + Al sing a special lullaby while Power Stroke® plays with her blocks."
"Max + Al prove that you just can't trust a rookie to get the job done right. Maybe Power Stroke® needs a change already."

"Lazy Baby"
"Babies can be quite a handful - especially in the workplace. Max + Al give one particular inexperienced infant a pep talk."
"Max + Al sing a special lullaby to the new bouncing baby bundle of joy at the jobsite, Power Stroke®."
"Spend some time at the Silverado HD Lodge with Max + Al as they talk about their proven reputation."
"Max + Al give an unruly stump a lesson in torque. Pound-foot."
And also... because I love dogs, I had to share:
(Found all these at

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