Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Holiday commercials

Have you seen Tommy Hilfiger's holiday commercials? 
     Fantastic art direction! (My favorite is the first below with the dog at the end!)


Here's the 60 second spot with the child at the end:

 Finally, here's a fun spot featuring The Ting Tings:
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(And yes, that's the same song as the Honda holiday ads...)


The Editor said...

I'm completely creeped-out by the Feast Interruptus ad! It looks like a super fashionable acid trip party from the seventies and the guy at the end reminds me of a really good looking (but still creepy) Charlie Manson when he says, "Don't you just love the holidays?" Ewwww, gives me chills every time. I do agree that it is visually stunning though. Love your blog...I'm a writer and obsessed with ads too!

Lizasan said...

They are a bit creepy, you're right... but they're a nice break from the sugary sweet typical ads! And thanks for the compliment! :)

Matt said...

Royal Tennenbaums

Lizasan said...

Totally Royal Tennenbaums!