Monday, October 18, 2010

New Xerox commercials

Have you seen the new ads for Xerox?
  They're great!

"With Xerox, you're ready for real business."
 (Learn more at

The first is my favorite,
Notre Dame Cuts Printing Costs
YouTube description:  "The iconic Notre Dame Leprechaun, seen here as a cut-out. Xerox developed a comprehensive student print management program that helped reduce printing costs by 20% and cut printing waste by 60% campus wide. Now the University of Notre Dame has the freedom to focus on winning both on the field and off!"

YouTube description:  "The New York Mets mascot is better at entertaining fans and leaving direct mail design and direct mail marketing to Xerox."

YouTube description: "For Ducati, testing bike aerodynamics is a far better use of time than, say, translating manuals into Portuguese, something Xerox easily manages for Ducati technical communications globally."
Learn more about the Xerox/Ducati partnership:


YouTube description: "Bellmen at Marriott Hotels + Resorts show how they couldn't finish the company's monthly invoicing because they were focused on what's really important -- providing exceptional customer service. Luckily for them, Xerox automated Marriott's global invoice process and handles 11 million Marriott invoices annually."

Learn more about the Xerox/Marriott partnership:
"Marriott Customer Satisfaction"

And check out some

You can learn even more about the campaign:
"Ready for Real Business Roundtable Discussion" (Xerox and Y+R)
YouTube description: "Xerox CMO Christa Carone, vice president Barbara Basney; and Y+R's associate creative director Corey Rakowsky, in a behind-the-scenes chat on the new ad campaign and the companies involved like Target, P+G, Marriott and Ducati."

Finally, I thought I'd share this last video:
The Evolution of the Xerox Brand
(I found all the ads and videos on Xerox's YouTube page.)

Screenshot of

(Check out two other Xerox's older microsites: and

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