Saturday, November 6, 2010

GE Cliff Diver and Ecomagination commercials

Have you seen the new "Cliff Diver" ad from GE?!  Fantastic!

YouTube description:
"GE's commercial for the TrueCourse Flight Management System shows how GE is changing the way we fly."
Here's another ad for GE's Flight Management System promoting

(Side note: does the term "Ecomagination" sound familiar?
Check out GE's older "Healthymagination" campaign here in an earlier post...)

Here's another Ecomagination ad for GE's Rail Edge:
(Found these ads at

Find out more about the Ecomagination campaign here,
including interesting topics such as "How far will consumers go to conserve?," "Can we make power outages a thing of the past?," "How should we pay for renewables?" and "Will biofuels become mainstream?"

And watch the "GE Show" here. 
(Episode 2: "Find out if an electric car is right for you.")

Finally, maybe you're wondering about that WattStation ad you might have seen?

Learn more with Yves Behar...
(YouTube description):
"If the electric car is to succeed, it needs charging stations that are both easy-to-use and well designed--a clunky infrastructure will quickly turn off potential drivers. That's why GE brought in fuseproject's Yves Behar to design its upcoming WattStation, a sleek EV charger for city streets that can juice vehicles in just four to eight hours. Today's standard "level 1" chargers take 12 to 18 hours to fully charge a car.Behar factored in a number of considerations when designing the WattStation: visibility from the street, ability to withstand various weather conditions, and general attractiveness.The WattStation's status can quickly be seen by passing cars. A green LED ring around the top of the charger indicates that it is available, a red ring signals that the charger is out of service, and a blue ring indicates that it is in use. The plastic and aluminum charger is easy to clean, too--the sloped top allows rain and snow to quickly slide off."

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