Sunday, October 31, 2010

Favorite Halloween commercials 2010!

Here are my four favorites this year! (Other than Target's "Scary House" and "Iron Man" ads I've already posted about!)



(Wasn't a huge fan of Snickers or Kit Kat.)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Geico Motorcyrcle insurance Paper World ad

Creative new ad for Geico motorcycle insurance...

Also, check out "Ghost Bikes" and "Road Rash" here!

Geico Laugh Track commercial (new!)

Maybe you've already seen the Geico robots,
but have you seen the new "Laugh Track" ad ?


New Toyota Highlander commercial boy- Nathaniel James

Thank you to everyone who has posted about the new ads for Toyota Highlander... at first, I thought they were cute. Or maybe I just thought the kid was cute. But now, he's really starting to bother me. Those poor parents out there. Also, what kid uses "je ne se quoi" as part of their vocabulary? (The copywriter is pushing it.) Found them all on The kid's even got his own talk show.

Tag: "Just because you're a parent, doesn't mean you have to be lame."

Finally, here's a screenshot of

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Power Gig Six String Guitars commercial

   A video game with a real guitar? Cool. 

See more on Power Gig's website, YouTube page, Twitter and Facebook!

New Chef Boyardee Whole Grain Beeferoni commercial

I've posted about "Blankey" and "Timeout," and now it's time for the new ad for Chef Boyardee's Whole Grain Beeferoni! 
 Enjoy the funny!

Searching YouTube, I also found this one from 2009... equally funny!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Air New Zealand Safety video with Rico

Couldn't find a new Air New Zealand commercial, but I did find this fun new safety video starring Rico!

You can also find Rico on Facebook!

Dominos Cows (and Pizza Hut?)

Dominos continues to bring the unexpected...

And in line with the pizza theme, here's the new Pizza Hut ad (sorry for the poor quality) I've been looking for for a while...


Monday, October 25, 2010

New Kix cereal boxes!

Check out the new packaging and website redesign!

Air New Zealand commercials!

Love these ads from Air New Zealand!

Found the ads on Air New Zealand's YouTube page (screenshot below), where I found out that another spot, "Relationship Advice" will be posted online on Wed. Oct. 27... I'll be sure to post it too! (Also coming soon, "One to One.")

Target Up and Up commercial (new)

  A new one from Target - it grew on me (and then it shrunk) and now it's grown again!
     Thoughts? (Find out more about the Up +Up line from Target here.)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Target Halloween commercial "Scary House"

Very... sweet!


Budweiser "Grab Some Buds" commercial

Have you seen the "Grab Some Buds" ad from Budweiser?

If you haven't, I highly suggest watching it below!

"Great Times Are Waiting"

YouTube description (from Dark Gallery Films):
"Anheuser-Busch describes Budweiser's new "Grab some Buds" ad from Anomaly as a "beginning of a journey. The ad campaign is called "Anticipation," and endears itself to what we call our Budweiser loyalists. So, what you're going to have is a lot of beautiful visuals, camera angles, great music, which builds the spot in that feeling of anticipation and pays off with a fairly big crescendo."
(You can also check out the ad on Budweiser's homepage, as well as other ads from the brand.)

And hook up with your buds with the "Grab Some Buds" Happy Hour Facebook app here!

Converse "Join the Procession" commercials

Woah now! I saw the Converse masks ad, but how have I not see "Join the Procession"?!


And check out more spots below...

 (Found all of the ads at

You can learn more about the campaign on Converse's blog.
Searching for the ads, I also found a fun spot featuring well-known choreographer, Luam:
Finally, here's a screenshot of

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sesame Street Old Spice commercial spoof

Way to go Sesame Street! (and Grover!)


Say "hey" to Grover on Facebook!
(And here's the link to the Old Spice "response" viral vids!)

New Volkswagen VW Jetta commercials - Segway, Sippy Cup, Moonlighting

VW has some fantastic ads out for the Jetta... my favorite is "Moonlighting;" check them out below!

YouTube description:
"What a guy would do for love. The all-new 2011 Jetta. Great. For the price of good."

YouTube description:
"After four years of blood, sweat and tears, top Volkswagen designers and product engineers assembled from around the world are ready to soak in the glory of their creation -- or so they think."
And here's a Tour of the 2011 Jetta:
(See more ads on Volkswagen's YouTube page.)
Here's a screenshot of the Jetta page...
I really like the line "'Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice' for the price of 'Nice.'"

Aldo billboard

Saw this billboard in Miami over the weekend...

   big fan of Aldo, and also big fan of the billboard!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot Wheels Print Ads



D. Rose + Ken Jeong Adidas commercial



Check out D. Rose and Slim Chin (Ken Jeong) for Adidas (AdiZero Rose) below!

(Here's a link to the "Fast Don't Lie" music video!)

Buy the shoe here!

If you check out the Adidas Basketball YouTube page, you'll see there are even more ads coming soon!
(Like this one!)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unique billboard? Probably not, but I laughed!

Billboard headline (around Ft. Lauderdale):

"Your wife is hot...

   Time to get your A/C fixed!"

         (I know I've heard it before somewhere, but it still cracked me up!)

Nike Boom Craig Robinson commercial

(Wait, what did you say?)

That's right... Craig Robinson. Nike. BOOM.
Check out their new campaign:

I found these spots on Nike's YouTube page.
(There, you can also see "BOOM: Coaches" and "BOOM: Lacrosse")

Monday, October 18, 2010

BC Hydro Power Smart Month commercials

Tell me these ads for BC Hydro and their campaign for "Power Smart Month" (October) don't make you think...
I won't believe you.


(and separated):


New Xerox commercials

Have you seen the new ads for Xerox?
  They're great!

"With Xerox, you're ready for real business."
 (Learn more at

The first is my favorite,
Notre Dame Cuts Printing Costs
YouTube description:  "The iconic Notre Dame Leprechaun, seen here as a cut-out. Xerox developed a comprehensive student print management program that helped reduce printing costs by 20% and cut printing waste by 60% campus wide. Now the University of Notre Dame has the freedom to focus on winning both on the field and off!"

YouTube description:  "The New York Mets mascot is better at entertaining fans and leaving direct mail design and direct mail marketing to Xerox."

YouTube description: "For Ducati, testing bike aerodynamics is a far better use of time than, say, translating manuals into Portuguese, something Xerox easily manages for Ducati technical communications globally."
Learn more about the Xerox/Ducati partnership:


YouTube description: "Bellmen at Marriott Hotels + Resorts show how they couldn't finish the company's monthly invoicing because they were focused on what's really important -- providing exceptional customer service. Luckily for them, Xerox automated Marriott's global invoice process and handles 11 million Marriott invoices annually."

Learn more about the Xerox/Marriott partnership:
"Marriott Customer Satisfaction"

And check out some

You can learn even more about the campaign:
"Ready for Real Business Roundtable Discussion" (Xerox and Y+R)
YouTube description: "Xerox CMO Christa Carone, vice president Barbara Basney; and Y+R's associate creative director Corey Rakowsky, in a behind-the-scenes chat on the new ad campaign and the companies involved like Target, P+G, Marriott and Ducati."

Finally, I thought I'd share this last video:
The Evolution of the Xerox Brand
(I found all the ads and videos on Xerox's YouTube page.)

Screenshot of

(Check out two other Xerox's older microsites: and

Sunday, October 17, 2010

GoToMeeting Mr. Sushi commercial

Saw this ad for (web conferencing) at the gym the other day, no sound, no captions...
 Try watching it with the mute button, and then without... which do you think is better?

A very creative effort, either way!

(Found the ad at GoToMeeting's YoutTube page.)

DSW Hiking commercial and Kung Fu Shoe!

Loving these fall ads from DSW!


"Kung Shoe"

See more ads from DSW in my past posts like

(And you can also check out DSW's YouTube page.) 

Chevy competitors commercials

Wow, have you seen Chevy's new ads? The ones for the Cruze? I wouldn't call them "attack ads," but then again, maybe I would...



I found all the ads above on Chevy's YouTube page 
where I also found some spots I enjoyed for the Silverado:



Friday, October 15, 2010

Crazy Cola ad! (Russia)

Have you seen this absolutely INSANE ad for Crazy Cola from Russia?!?!?!


LG refrigerator Round 2!

I've been looking for a certain ad for LG's cool new refrigerator forever! (The fridge that pulls out like a table... see website screenshot below!)
While I can't find the actual ad, I had a great time surfing around the LG refrigerator website (see another screenshot below), and also the commercials section (with some older spots) of the site.commercial (newer table ad!)