Monday, September 13, 2010

More print ads (of the world!) and a cool-down...

I cannot believe it, but this is post #625! ...since August 17 of 2009 when I blogged about about Toyota Prius' "Harmony"commercial (my very first blog post was about the 2008 Super Bowl.)

While I can't blog like crazy every single day anymore, I am always happy to share my findings with the blogosphere... Today's post is about awesome print ads from Ads of the World again! Such a great site! 


(See Hidden Valley's TV ads in one of my older posts here!)

(There's also "Helicopter" and "Ship")

(There's also "Umbrella")

(See two others here and here.)  

I also found an fantastic commercial for
Israeli J-Date, "Someone to Zip You Up."

Finally, check out this great bag from GNC (thanks Copyranter!)

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