Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to school ads #1! (including Office Max commercials)

It's time for the kids to go BACK TO SCHOOOOOOOOOOOL!

Looking back on some of my school themed ads of this year, the first two commercials that come to mind (other than Target, saving those for the next post!) are Hillshire Farms and T-Mobile's text bill ads. I've also seen a few new ones from OfficeMax, sharing below...

and also, (not as big of a fan of this one)

Also gotta throw in their old Rubberban Man ad,
one of my all-time favorite back-to-school ads!

(See a making-of video of the Rubberband Man commercial here!)

Finally, because I mentioned Hillshire Farms, above, I had to throw in another sandwich ad, this one from Target's "Life's a Moving Target" campaign (actually, it's for chips!):

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