Saturday, September 25, 2010

AT+T Rollercoaster commercial (for the Blackberry Torch)

Saw an intriguing spot from AT+T the other day for the new BlackBerry Torch,

Here it is:

Also browsing YouTube I found "Whole New World" (from June) below, fun art direction!

See more ads from AT+T on
And check out more commercials from the "Rethink Possible" campaign in my post from this past April...

Just a note - AT+T, don't you have something else more new and exciting to show on your first homepage slide than the iPhone 4?
"This changes everything. Again." ...WE KNOW.
(The BlackBerry Torch is on Slide #2 and a more timely back-to-school free phone promotion appears on Slide #3)
...get with it guys!

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