Friday, October 1, 2010

AdCouncil's Forgotten Lunch commercial and more!

Wow! I forgot how awesome some of the AdCouncil ads are!
    What spurred this recollection?
        A back-to-school themed ad promoting Adoption called "Forgotten Lunch." 

Check it out...

Searching YouTube, I also found a handful of other interesting ads from AdCouncil, here ya go!
"Manicure" for Fatherhood Involvement

"Recorded Card" for Adoption

"Paintball" for Adoption

"Pizza" for Fatherhood Involvement

"BBQ" for Adoption

"Double Dutch" for Fatherhood Involvement

I also definitely have to post the Cheerleader ad I blogged about back in September of last year when I discussed the "Think Before You Speak" campaign...

This one is still my #1 favorite from AdCouncil - it's also for Fatherhood Involvement:

You can find even more commercials from AdCouncil on their YouTube page.

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