Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diet Sierra Mist Natural commercials?

Have you seen them yet? Love them! Especially the one with the rocks!

Will post when I find them...


Monday, September 27, 2010

UPS - We Love Logistics commercial

Have you seen this new ad from UPS? I really like the unexpected art direction and colors... what do you think?

YouTube description:
"Everybody loves something. We love logistics. We love its precision, its epic scale, its ability to make life better for billions of people. Each day, our customers count on us to choreograph a ballet of infinite complexity played across skies, oceans and borders. And we do. What's not to love?"
(I like this one a lot better than the "I Can" spot. Check out UPS' YouTube page for more ads.)
Here's a "logistical" screenshot of UPS.com...

And you can learn more about the"new logistics" campaign at www.thenewlogistics.com
(Here's a final screenshot):


Weird Converse commercial with masks

Weird, but kinda cool!

Check out the long version of the "All Summer" music video featuring Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend and Bethany from Best Coast.

(You can download the full track on Converse.com)

You can also check out an "In the Studio" video here, and short films with the artists on Converse's YouTube page (Kid Cudi, Rostam and Bethany).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Geico Gecko new commercial "Mistaken Identity"

Gmail Priority Email introduction and more videos!

Yes, I'm a Google fan... But that's because there's something about their branding that gets me. Their latest example: a new introductory video for their priority email feature.

Find out more about Google's Priority Email on their blog here.

I've also blogged about Google's videos for their Chrome browser (here, here and here) and their ads here.
Keep 'em coming Google!

Checking out Google's own YouTube page, I found two other fun videos,

Take a look below:

Finally, wondering what all the buzz is about Google Voice?


Viva Towels "Quit the Quilt" commercial

Been looking for this one for a while... Found it!

(Find out more about the campaign here.)

Also surfing YouTube for the ad, I found this older funny ad for Viva Towels below!

AT+T Rollercoaster commercial (for the Blackberry Torch)

Saw an intriguing spot from AT+T the other day for the new BlackBerry Torch,

Here it is:

Also browsing YouTube I found "Whole New World" (from June) below, fun art direction!

See more ads from AT+T on YouTube.com/ShareATT.
And check out more commercials from the "Rethink Possible" campaign in my post from this past April...

Just a note - AT+T, don't you have something else more new and exciting to show on your first homepage slide than the iPhone 4?
"This changes everything. Again." ...WE KNOW.
(The BlackBerry Torch is on Slide #2 and a more timely back-to-school free phone promotion appears on Slide #3)
...get with it guys!

Friday, September 24, 2010

"Don't Be a Sue" Glee commercial (Members Project)

   Did you see my previous post about Glee and Members Project from American Express?

          More importantly, did you see the "Don't Be a Sue" commercial?

And here's an entirely different spin of a promo for Members Project

talking about both Glee and the Members Project ads...

(See more commercials on American Express' YouTube page
and also in my previous posts here, here and here.)

Haribo "Flavor" kids commercial

There's just something about kids in business suits that gets me!

"A Day with Bing: Lily"

Came across this ad for Bing the other day searching YouTube - thought I'd share!  I really really like the art direction!

See more ads from Bing in my earlier posts here and here, and also on their YouTube page.

Hanes socks commercial

So glad this one's still running!


Dole Salad Kits commercials - "Let the Guide Be Your Guide"

Finally found the Dole Salad guide commercials I've been looking for on their YouTube page...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Samsung Fascinate commercial


               Have you seen this one?


Sprint commercials, "Restaurant" and "Injury"

I'm interested to hear what you think about these two ads from Sprint...

    At first, I didn't find them very funny, but now after seeing them again a couple of times, I realized I've been laughing a little on the inside... thoughts??

DSW Skydiving and Therapist commercials!

DSW is back for Fall with "Therapist" and "Skydiving!"  
Check them out below!

See more ads from DSW in my past posts like

(And you can also check out DSW's YouTube page.)

Target "I totally wear hats" commercial

Have you seen this?? 


(Check out the actual Target ad here!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hillshire Farms Jump Rope commercial

 Have you seen "Jump Rope" from Hillshire Farms?

 I always like this one!
Also check out their funny ad, "Auction," 
and their YouTube page for some yummy recipes!


New Geico Blueprint commercial

New one from Geico... 


Schick Hydro

There are times I see a dramatization of product benefits in a commercial and instead of thinking "no wayyy!," I think, "I wonder if it feels kind of like that?" and "maybe I should try that." Those thoughts are what often lead to purchases, so today, kudos goes to Schick and their commercial for the new line of  Hydro razors.

Find out more about the new line of products in this press release.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jack Daniels label commercial and more

Have you seen the ads below for Jack Daniels?

"Label Story" is the latest one I've seen,
but I'm a big fan of the art direction (and copy) in all of them...


Friday, September 17, 2010

Saab 9-5 "Anything But Ordinary" commercial (and more!)

The other day I saw "Anything But Ordinary" for Saab 9-5 and was pleasantly surprised!

Here's "Change" from 2009

And finally, here's an introduction to the Saab 9-5...

See more commercials and videos from Saab on their YouTube page.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

YouTube Dancing girl Samsung commercial?


(and can you believe it turned into a commercial? ...I can!)

YouTube video description:
"Let yourself dance freely. Be your own style. You never know who might be watching!" 

PS - I'm still wondering how they did this and how old this girl is!

ESPN Fantasy Football commercials

After posting about the Monday Night Football commercials, I came across some other funny fantasy football-themed ads from ESPN... check 'em out!

(Visit ESPN's YouTube page for even more ads.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1800 Tequila Shot Top commercials with Michael Imperioli

Woah, woah, woah! Have you seen 1800 Tequila's Shot Tops?

    There are two ads I've seen starring Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos, shown below.

(And if you want to find out how to handle the shot top, watch this little How-to...) 

"That's cool, 1800 just poured me a shot. What can your top do?"

(I found the ads above on the 1800 YouTube page.)

Connect more with 1800 on their Facebook page.

Here are some screenshots of Michael Imperioli from 1800Tequila.com,
followed by five how-to Shot Top screenshots (click CTRL+ to zoom on PC's):


Dr. Pepper "I Exist" Support Group ("Unbelievable" commercial)

I love that this ad was running during the summer!

(Found the ad on Dr. Pepper's YouTube page.)

Monday, September 13, 2010

A throwback- 2010 Toyota Prius "Harmony" ad

After mentioning Toyota Prius "Harmony" in my 625th post, I had to share the ads again... I wonder what they'll come out with for 2011... (Here's the link to my original post from August of last year.)

My original thoughts: "If I had to choose my favorite part, it would be the costumes... they are fantastic! And apparently, the designers only had to come up with 9 different costumes for the 200 extras. I don't think I've ever seen ads like these before." (Read the rest of my commentary in the full post.


Here are some of the other related Prius ads:

(John Toon, Director of Photography and Japanese director, Mr. Hide)
Knowing some Japanese, I found the subtitles to be slightly inaccurate. Part of what Mr. Hide was trying to emphasize about the ad is that the ad represents an "intense feeling made by human beings existing together."

Finally, take a look at a newer Prius commercial with Bob Burnquist, a pro skateboarder, called "Stereotypes."

More print ads (of the world!) and a cool-down...

I cannot believe it, but this is post #625! ...since August 17 of 2009 when I blogged about about Toyota Prius' "Harmony"commercial (my very first blog post was about the 2008 Super Bowl.)

While I can't blog like crazy every single day anymore, I am always happy to share my findings with the blogosphere... Today's post is about awesome print ads from Ads of the World again! Such a great site! 


(See Hidden Valley's TV ads in one of my older posts here!)

(There's also "Helicopter" and "Ship")

(There's also "Umbrella")

(See two others here and here.)  

I also found an fantastic commercial for
Israeli J-Date, "Someone to Zip You Up."

Finally, check out this great bag from GNC (thanks Copyranter!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 "Everyone Is Doing It" Call of Duty commercial



Glee and Members Project from American Express

Glee and Members Project from American Express are teaming up!
And they've got some really fun commercials airing... check them out!

(Found the two ads above on American Express' YouTube page.)

You can also find Members Project on Facebook including a "Sue Vs. Shue" promotion (see screenshot below...)


Also, here's a screenshot of the Members Project homepage if you'd like to find out a little more about their mission:

Finally, I'll close with two gems, Lea Michele's Glee audition and also one of the "Blank Canvases" spots from American Express that I posted about back in July!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Geico's Little Miss Muffet commercial

For home owners insurance... have you seen it?

   if not, maybe you've seen the woodchucks!

Subaru driving baby commercial and "Keepsake"

Saw a warmhearted ad from Subaru yesterday, thought I'd share!


In addition to "Lost Sunglasses,"  I also found "Keepsake" on Subaru's YouTube page.
(It has a similar tone and feel as "Baby Driver" above.)
Here it is:

Friday, September 10, 2010

OrangeMe commercials

Found three very funny ads for the UK's Orange Group, a mobile communications company... 

     Check them out below and find out more about Orange here.

Walkers Extra Crunchy ad with Lionel Richie

Browsing YouTube the other day, I found a surprising ad for the Walkers Extra Crunchy brand, starring none other than Lionel Richie! 


(Found the two videos on Walkers' YouTube page.)

Campari Orange Passion commercial and more (with celebs)

Found the ads below for  Campari last week and wanted to share... check out the slow-mo art direction!

...I wonder, is this really real?

Aerius allergy relief commercial

Check out the art direction in this ad for Aerius allergy relief...

U by Kotex commercials + social experiments!

Very happy to see the U by Kotex ads running again, including the "White" ad... logged on to their YouTube page to see if there are any new ads out but didn't find any. What I did find though were a couple of social experiments I thought I would share...

PS- did any of you happen to see the Chelsea Lately U by Kotex spoof??

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boars Head cheap chicken commercial

FIRST OF ALL, LET ME SAY EW. Thank you (or NO THANK YOU) Boars Head for bringing to my attention the strange ingredients I might find in the chicken breast I often order from Subway... not that I mind seaweed. But all in all, I think this is a pretty good ad. Thoughts?

(Found this ad on Boars Head's YouTube page along with a few delicious-looking recipes! Check it out...)

Chef Boyardee Timeout commercial

Even though this one was overplayed during Project Runway, I still think it's pretty funny!

  I'm definitely a fan of these new ads from Chef Boyardee. Check out "Time Out" below...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010