Monday, July 5, 2010

Top 20 Posts of 2010!

It's that time!

My TOP 20 posts of 2010 so far!

2. Dove Damage Therapy - "My Favorite Things"
3. Kia's Super Bowl commercial (puppets!)
4. U by Kotex commercials (and post 2 and post 3!)
5. Delta Faucets - "Hands"
6. Snickers commercials (featuring Betty White and Liza Minnelli)
7. Hanes' Better Fitting Socks and "Future Generations"
8. KGB's William Tell Overture (and more!)
9. Amazon Kindle... stop-motion animation is all the rage this year, also check out Goody's Simple Styles and Google Chrome commercials here and here.
10. IKEA! ("Performance Review")
11. BABIES, BABIES, and more BABIES!
12. Clorox's "Ode to the Commode"
13. AT+T - "Birthday" (from the "Rethink Possible" campaign)
14. Ally Bank commercials (especially "Ice Cream"!)
15. Husqvarna's "Taming the Wild"
16. Verizon's "Big Red"
17. Glee comes to Japan!
18. Motorola Backflip ads
19. Holiday Inn's "Stay You" commercials
20. SHOES! (Crocs and DSW)

Runners up!

Considering I’ve gone crazy with over 300 posts the past six months, here are another 20 runners-up of my favorite posts! 

1. SPORTS! (Nike's "Write the Future" and Arnold Palmer for SportsCenter)
2. "Dear Playstation" commercials
3. Weber Grills
4. Lexmark's Ink Monsters
5. Clairol's Nice n Easy ads featuring Angela Kinsey (from The Office)... my favorite is "Fitting Room"
6. American Airlines - "Late Nate"
7. Dentyne's "Getting Close"
8. Jimmy Dean's "Rainbow Blue" (and more!)
9. Sherwin William's new commercial (animated paint chips)
10. Colgate Total Floss Broccoli
11. Pedigree's "Jump" and "Catch"
12. New Esurance commercials
13. Ew, pests! ("Bugs Ruin Everything" -  post 1 + post 2 and the Orkin ads)
14. Diet Snapple commercials
15. Vrooooom! (CARS - Toyota Sienna's "The Sienna Family" and the Swagger Wagon. Also, Ford Fiesta!)
16. "As Seen On TV - A Tribute to Doing It Wrong"
17. Cheetos Mighty Zingers
18. Yahoo's "Flashing Lights"
19. Nina Ricci perfume commercials
20. New ads from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (and their "Homestyle" variety

Let's see what the second half of 2010 has to offer!!!


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