Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sherwin Williams - "Bees"

First, Sherwin Williams gave us a frog, a carp and a cardinal.  And now, they bring us...

   Check it out! 

"The new Color Chips campaign from Sherwin-Williams features television spots
that take viewers into harmonious landscapes and cityscapes bursting with color and created
from Sherwin-Williams color chips. Directed and produced by Buck NY, the spots are
full of unexpected animation moments, featuring a range of wonderfully designed 3-D
characters and environments that showcase Sherwin-Williams' extensive color palette."
Also, take a look at Sherwin Williams' creative page loading graphic...


tiasmom01 said...

Just found your blog and love it! I'm a commercial lover, and also a stickler for correct grammar. Reading your sidebar on the Sherwin-Williams "Bees" commercial I saw you spelled traveler with one "l" . . . hooray for you! Misspelling and misuse of words is one of my OCD "traits," and another pet peve is "ensure" versus "insure."

That's all . . . I do love your blog!

Lizasan said...

thank you! Just like "Travelers," love their ads! and