Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Original Free to Be You and Me videos!

For your nostalgic viewing pleasure!


My personal favorite, "Boy Meets Girl"

Another tune that I will have in my head for days - I love the dance sequence!
"Sisters and Brothers"

My mom's favorite, "Ladies First"

Featuring Michael Jackson... "When We Grow Up"

You'll get this one stuck in your head, too: "William's Doll"

The inspiring "Atalanta"
Many, many thanks to for the majority of the clips above!

(Bet you had to dab your eye with a tissue at least once!)


Unknown said...

O my gosh! I am doing a performance with most of these songs and a few others, like the pain and the great one, and that's the truth, if wishes were fishes, and others! We edited the lyrics a bit to make it longer and give people more parts, and Im a soloist in you and me, a narrator in ladies first, and a few other roles. Im sad we don't get to do Atalanta or William's Doll, but I'm so happy that you posted this!

Liza said...

So glad you enjoy these too! So many wonderful memories... Good luck with your performance :)