Wednesday, July 7, 2010

IBM commercials (Post 3 of 4...)

 I told you post 3 was coming! 

 ...Here are some older ads from IBM's "Smarter Planet" campaign:

August 26, 2009

YouTube video description: “Energy is one of the world's most vital resources. How we extract, use and preserve this resource is vital to our future. IBM is working to utilize data for better prediction and modeling of resources that will allow smarter use of resources.”
Copy: "In 25 years, global energy consumption will increase by 50%. To meet demand, well need to harness the power of sun, wind, waves and atoms. But that’s not enough. Today, we need oil. Which means today when we drill for oil, we drill for data. We can create 3-D models of hidden reserves. Find new oil in old wells. Extend the life of a field. Reduce the need for new drilling. Smarter resources to fuel the smarter planet. That’s what I’m working on. I’m an IBMer. Let’s build a smarter planet."

August 26, 2009

YouTube video description: "Cities all over the world are getting smarter about public safety by collecting, analyzing and sharing data. Cities can increase prevention and improve response time for emergencies."
Copy: "Crime in New York City has dropped 27% since 2001. Response times in Madrid have been cut by 25%. Cities all over the world are getting smarter and safer. Every time an emergency happens, data is generated. Smarter cities fight crime, fires, flu outbreaks, by capturing the data. Detecting the patterns, sharing it across departments, responding to emergencies, even preventing them. Making cities safer. That's what I’m working on. I’m an IBMer. Let’s build a smarter planet."

Reducing Traffic Congestion
November 3, 2009
YouTube video description: "IBM helped the Swedish Road Administration solve major traffic congestion problems in Stockholm using best-of-breed application skills and IT." You can find out more here.

June 30, 2009

YouTube video description: "The world we live in today is increasingly instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent. We are experiencing a revolution, and information is at the heart of it. Businesses that are taking advantage of this new wealth of information are able to make more intelligent decisions and are rising to the top. The’yre managing large volumes of information in real-time, incorporating analytics and predictive modeling, pervasively collecting and sharing information across the entire value chain, and speeding time to value by delivering trusted, accurate and timely information to the right decision makers. In short, the’yre discovering a new kind of intelligence."

August 25, 2009

YouTube video description: "Workstations used to be tied to a mainframe. Now they're conversing with a cloud. Through cloud computing, people are able to access, to share and to collaborate over information securely."
Copy: “What is Cloud Computing? A cloud is a workload optimized, service management platform enabling new consumption and delivery models.’It’s what?’ My cloud does email. Lowers my energy bill. Shares pictures. We collaborate on our cloud. I develop software in my cloud. I want a cloud that understands risk, compares patient histories, predicts traffic patterns. My cloud is... everywhere. My cloud is secure. Simple. Powerful. Flexible. That’s what were working on. I’m an IBMer. Let’s build a smarter planet."

I also found,“The Tale of a Smarter City” at
(as well as two other similar videos below). 

It’s a “story of smarter cities -- told through simple narration, music and illustrations.”
(and I think it’s a wonderfully different take than all the other “Smarter Planet” videos I’ve seen from IBM so far!)
June 14, 2009

YouTube video description: "A city is more than just a collection of buildings, streets, parks, and people, and the many different entities engaged in many different trades. It’s a living environment of different cultures, peoples, ideas and systems that are interdependent yet all determine and shape the others identity.”

A Brief History of Intelligence
January 15, 2009

YouTube video description: "A brief history of our quest to turn information into better decisions.”

The King, the Dragon and the Secure Cloud
April 22, 2009

YouTube video description: "A fairytale about smarter security.”

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