Monday, July 19, 2010

Ads I Don't Like - Zegerid and Dixie

UGGGGGGGG! It's that time again, unfortunately. Ads I don't like - two of them actually. The first culprit: Zegerid. I just do not understand their latest commercial below...

Painting on a guy's stomach? All I can ask is WHY???! 

Secondly, I give you Dixie plates' “Dish it Out.” 

The YouTube video description reads: "Go ahead, dish it out. Dixie Ultra's can take it."
 You know what Dixie Ultra? I don't think you can take it!!
Watch the ad below and judge for yourself... The plates really just don't look that sturdy to me!
Personally, I might have actually bought them at the store before I saw this ad. Now? Not a chance! 

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