Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yahoo's "Flashing Lights"

What a great ad to place during the Glee finale the other night! And you know what else? I totally did not see this coming from Yahoo.
   I'm not sure if I believe that they are "The #1 online source for entertainment news," but this ad is unexpected, fun, cool and memorable. Great song choice!

(I found the ad on 

 I blogged about Yahoo's "Anthem" ad last October. I still think it's beautifully creative... watch below:


Suzanne said...

I love the new Flashing Lights advert, the actor in it is called Christian Kyriacou!
It is so funny, I am in the UK I really hope the release it over here so more people can see it!

Lizasan said...

Thanks! I really like it too and I've seen a 15 second version recently. I think it's Khristian with a K... he's up 312% in popularity on IMDB this week - I think we know why!!!