Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shell - "Let's Go" commercials

Have you seen the new ads for Shell's "Let's Go" campaign?  (I found them on Shell's YouTube page.)

I heard Japanese during a commercial break the other day and immediately hit rewind on the remote, only to be pleasantly surprised by "Guitar" from Shell. Energy and environmental concerns affect all generations and for me, this particular ad was a really fun way to explain Shell's new campaign. "Kite" and "Kim" also have that "fun" feel, while still being informative, presenting different ways to explain their goal of making energy cleaner and using it more efficiently. Watch below a summary of the "Let's Go" campaign to see for yourself! website summary:
"Global energy demand is rising and so are consumer expectations – more people want energy from cleaner sources. At Shell we are unlocking new energy sources and squeezing more from what we have. With others we are finding ways to lower our emissions and helping customers to do the same. In building a better energy future we all have a part to play – let’s go."

YouTube video description:
"As the world's demand for energy continues to rise, delivering a secure supply will require tapping a variety of sources. We are opening up new energy frontiers and we are recovering more from existing fields, where up to two-thirds of oil can be left behind."

Copy (Loose translation):
DAD: "What IS he doing?" MOM: "It's because he's just a kid." ...VO: "Shell is helping to deliver cleaner burning natural gas to more countries than any other energy company. Providing the energy Riku needs to practice his talent. That's when Mr. Ohashi allows it. Let's provide energy for the next generation. Let's go."

YouTube video description:
"Meeting rising energy demand will take a range of energy sources, from fossil fuels to renewables. But developing large-scale new sources of energy will take decades. Energy efficiency is critical in building this low-carbon future. At Shell we are working to make our operations more energy efficient. For our customers we offer more advanced fuels and lubricants, as well as driving tips, to make fuel stretch further."

"This is Kim, about to feel one of his favorite sensations. At Shell, we are developing more efficient fuels that can help us get the most from our energy resources. Let's use energy more efficiently. Let's go."

YouTube video description:
"Burning fossil fuels emits local pollution affecting air quality. To help tackle this we have created a fuel oil that can cut soot emissions from oil-burning factories by up to 75%. And our coal gasification technology transforms coal into synthesis gas that burns as cleanly as natural gas to produce energy."

"In Brazil, Shell has created a fuel oil for factories that can cut soot emissions... allowing Raul and his brother to play under clearer skies. Let's make our energy cleaner and more efficient. Let's go."

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Anonymous said...

I hope you realize how false these advertisements are, before you post such things and say how great they are. Why don't you do some research?

heres some help