Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SC Johnson, "A Family Company"

This is the first of my four posts about ads I saw during the Glee finale last night. (NO, it was not easy to keep my hands off the fast-forward button on my remote!!)

I can't find the commercial I saw for SC Johnson, "A Family Company," but I enjoyed the commercial I saw because it felt believable. It wasn't cheesy, but rather, it was warm, informative and relevant. It also told me more about the company and its products than I knew before watching the ad. 

The ad was very similar to the one I posted below. I will post it when I find it! Until then, you can read up on SC Johnson's sustainability efforts and their five-generation family.


Amy Bellcourt said...

Hi I loved this SC Johnson commercial too and i cannot find it online. Did you have any luck? Want to use it in a company presentation this week. Thanks!

Lizasan said...

I liked it a lot too, Amy, but I'm sorry, I still haven't been able to find it :( good luck with your presentation!