Monday, June 14, 2010

New Esurance commercials!

Have you seen the funny new commercials from Esurance?

     Great casting choices!! I mean I know I've already used the word but these actors are really funny! The whole ads are funny! And it's nice to see a change from their constant animated ads. 

"Presenting Online Repair Monitoring"
(You might recognize one of the actors, Parvesh Cheena, from the NBC sitcom, Outsourced.)

"Helping You Save On Car Insurance"
(Frank, "The "Saver," is actor T.J. Jagodowski, from the movies
Stranger Than Fiction and The Ice Harvest)

Connect more with Esurance on their YouTube page, blog, Twitter and Facebook page.
Here are some screenshots from and the
"Take a Peek Inside Esurance" landing page where you can find out more about the
characters from the commercials (Mica, Frank, Chad and Sanjeev) and see their new ads, too.

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