Wednesday, June 2, 2010

K9Advantix commercials and more!

You know I can't pass up a cute dog-related commercial!
   Today's pick: "More" from K9Advantix. (Can't embed, but check out the link here on the K9Advantix website.)
The ad starts with this cute little guy:

I always enjoy watching feel good ads!

Hopping around K9Advantix's homepage and the "View Commercials" section, I also found another "awwwwwww"-worthy ad for the Advantage brand. (This one's for the cat lovers.)

On their K9Advantix's homepage, you can also

Searching YouTube for the "More" commercial, I also found some older, very sweet K9Advantix ads...

Remember these?

Lastly, here's an ad for Advantage Flea Control, "Western"
So much fun!

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