Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gillette Fusion ProGlide commercials

After my post about the upcoming release of Gillette's new Fusion ProGlide razor on June 6, and June 6 having passed, I took to YouTube today to see if Gillette had any new ads running with the new razor... WELL, DUH!
   Check em out...

(An introduction to the new razor.)
Even if this was staged, I think think it's really funny!
(There's also a surprise with Derek Jeter.) 

Mullet Nation
You can't go wrong with a mullet-themed commercial... someone's bound to laugh!!!
Funny ending! 
"What's his problem??"
Great facial expressions from the teenage actors!

I found all of these ads at YouTube.com/Gillette.

Here are some screenshots from the Fusion ProGlide section of Gillette.com:

Finally, here's what Gillette has to say about their latest grooming tool:

The new Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™ Power Razor has re-engineered blades with edges that are thinner than Fusion.  They are finished with Gillette’s most advanced low-resistance coating, which allows the blades to glide effortlessly through hair.  Providing incredible comfort, even if you shave everyday.
Even with thinner, finer blades*, an enhanced lubrastrip and improved blade suspension system, you may not see all of the latest innovations on the NEW Gillette Fusion ProGlide and Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razors with the naked eye but after one shave, you’ll stop shaving and start gliding.
Want some really helpful shaving tips on how to be clean shaven from Gillette? Click here.
Interested in the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor? Click to learn more.
Check out what real guys are saying about how it feels at the Fusion ProGlide™ Challenge™!


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