Monday, June 14, 2010

FedEx/Kinkos ads

I've blogged about FedEx's recent funny commercials before but I keep seeing them on the air (and they keep getting laughs from me), so I thought I'd post a bunch again for your giggling pleasure (concluding with a "Making of" video). Enjoy!

"You know, without Kyle, I never would have heard of that new country, called Buttheadistan?"

"Good morning! But I digress..."

"Jeff, you keep feeding me old information. Dean, I need you to continue not living up to your resume. Sue, you're in charge of waffling." "Are you sure?" "Jerome, you'll talk a big game then do nothing." "Let's do it." "Rick, can you fold under pressure for me?" "Like a lawn chair." "And Ted, you just keep thinking everyone's out to get you." "They are."
 "What is it about me that says leprechaun?"
"That's a closet."
 "Wait, the club broke up?"

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