Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chevron - Human Energy Business

The other day I saw the ad "The Impossible," for Chevron Human Energy and I was really amazed by the art direction and also the copy. Simple, explanatory and moving.

(Unfortunately, since I drafted this post, the ads have been taken down, but I kept the links up in case Chevron decides to repost the ads on their YouTube page. Please enjoy the YouTube descriptions and powerful copy below... there's one ad at the end of the post!)

"Impossible" YouTube video description: 
"Everyday the world demands more energy and everyday it gets harder to find. So, everyday Chevron pushes technology, seeks alternatives and attempts the extraordinary to power the world right now. This is the power of Human Energy."

When I searched YouTube for "Impossible," I found a couple other spots on Chevron's YouTube page:

"Were in more than the energy business, we're in the human energy business."

"Where are the answers now? In a world that demands more energy, yet demands a cleaner environment? Right now Chevron is the largest producer of geothermal energy in the world. It's the earth's heat. It's lean, renewable, and we've been producing it for 40 years. Today, Chevron generates enough geothermal energy to power 7 million homes. Imagine that. An oil company as part of the solution. This is the power of human energy."

"Our way of life depends on developing all forms of energy, and to use less of it. It's time to put our differences aside. Will you be part of the solution?"

(A good summary of Chevron's goals.)

With all the negativity surrounding oil, it's nice to see ads from an energy company trying to focus on the positive and inspiring others to do the same.

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