Saturday, June 19, 2010

Castrol commercials ("Cash Car" etc.)

I'm really not sure why, but the commercial below for Castrol totally cracks me up! I wonder if the flying quarters actually hurt?!

(There's also a 5 second version)

Searching YouTube, I found a few more ads from Castrol that I enjoyed watching as well...

And a "Making of" the FIFA World Cup ad...

Finally, here's an ad for Castrol featuring Cristiano Ronaldo:

And here's a "Making of" the Cristiano Ronaldo spot:

I'm not a big fan of the "Think With Your Dipstick" commercials, so I'm glad to see Castrol has gone in a different direction with their advertising!


michaelpflatley said...

What about the commercial with the wind blowing in everyone's Mullet? Are Mullets making a comeback?

Lizasan said...

Mullets are ALWAYS coming back!! But I can't find that Castrol ad online - will definitely post if I find it! SO FUNNY.