Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nike Mercurial Vapor commercials

So you wanna talk soccer?  Let's talk NikeNike Mercurial Vapor.

...Both of these "football boot" ads ROCK. In totally different ways. The first ad rings "Nike," but the second is something refreshing and new to me (even if it's from a few years back...)

(Like the Nina Ricci "Ricci Ricci" perfume commercial and the Badoit mineral water ads, the first commercial was also created by the French creative studio, Digital District.)

     Check 'em out!


(You can find the "Violet Poppy/Obsidian/Orange"-colored soccer cleats online on Nike's website for a measly $400!)

Here's the second ad I mentioned:


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunkist "Coast to Coast" commercial

Have you seen the new "Coast to Coast" commercial from Sunkist?

At first, it seemed like all the other summer-themed soda commercials out there to me. But then, I thought about it, and realized that Sunkist is indeed my favorite soda to drink during the summer, especially at the beach. So for me, this commercial works.

It's fun, it's summery and it's fresh. 
(The song is 30 Seconds to Mars' "Kings and Queens.")

Connect more with Sunkist on their Facebook page.

Snoopy and Badoit mineral water? (More from Digital District)

After blogging about the Nina Ricci perfume commercials, including the ad for the "Ricci Ricci" fragrance created by the French creative studio, Digital District, I had to search Digital District's website for more!

There, I found two delightful and "bubbly" ads for the naturally carbonated  French mineral water brand, Badoit.

(Here's a link to a larger widescreen version from Digital District's website.)

Badoit Vert

(Here's a link to a larger widescreen version from Digital District's website.)

Searching YouTube for more ads from Badoit, I found a humorous commercial for Badoit Rouge featuring the one and only

Here's another Snoopy ad for Badoit Vert... 

You can also view the first two ads on Badoit's homepage and their Facebook page.

Below is a corresponding screenshot of
("Buvez de la joie" means "Drink joy.")

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nina Ricci commercials

Found the ads below for Nina Ricci perfumes browsing YouTube the other day. BEAUTIFUL. Très magnifique!

"Ricci Ricci" perfume

(This ad was created by Digital District, a French creative studio.
...More ads from them to come in future posts!)

Here's a shorter version of the "Ricci Ricci" commercial, followed by a Behind the scenes!
(The model's name is Jessica Stam.)

Finally, here's an ad for Nina Ricci's "L'air du Temps" fragrance...
weird and still mesmerizing!

Friday, June 25, 2010

More from Ally Bank!

Thank you Hulu! ...For letting me actually enjoy my commercial breaks with Ally Bank ads! Searching their YouTube page for the "Automated" spot I blogged about back in March, I also found a great behind-the-scenes video featuring some of the kids in the ads...
Check it out below:

And here's "Automated"

Lennox SunSource commercials

Have you seen the new splendid television commercials for Lennox SunSource Home Comfort System?

Pretttttttttttty, and trippy... Far-out, man.

(Though I really like these 3 ads, I’m not a huge fan of the tag: "Innovation never felt so good.")

Allstate - "Mayhem Is Coming" preview commercials

Woah, woah, woah Allstate! "Mayhem is Coming?" Really?  ...Check out these ads below!

I blogged about a different take on ads from Allstate back in January and I thought I'd also share an ad I've seen running called "Speed Dating" below.
(The concepts are kind of all over the place with these campaigns but I like that they seem to be trying to adjust their brand image in different ways, trying different things out...)

As for recession-themed ads, Allstate's got some for us, too: “Lessons,” “Back to Basics,” “The Recession That Made Us Great” and “Nothing to Fear (FDR).” 

Connect more with Allstate on their Facebook page and  YouTube page.

This is a test, this is only a test?

I've blogged about the Kindle ads with the catchy, whimsical music and animation before... Yesterday, I heard the song from the first stop-motion animated ad I saw and turned my head to the TV thinking I'd see miss Annie Little, but instead I saw the ad below (found on Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Bring back the animated ads!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Olympus Pen commercial

Have you seen the new commercial for the Olympus PEN E-PL1 camera? I have to admit, I have a hard time believing that the entire commercial was shot with this camera! What do you think?

Want to find out more about the camera? It retails for around $600. Here's an introductory video.

You can also visit
There, you can enter the... "Pen Your Story challenge."

Learn more below:

Searching YouTube for the ad, I found some commercials I never knew existed for Olympus PEN cameras featuring Kevin Spacey...
Great angles.

Finally, I also found Pen Story (using stop motion), fantastic!

French's mustard - "Crowd" commercial

If you know me, you know I love condiments... It's kind of an obsession. And mustard is NO EXCEPTION! It's one of my favorites actually. And when it comes to a good 'ol turkey sandwich, French's yellow is the best! (Sometimes, I do go with their spicy brown when I'm in the mood though.)

Soooooo, I saw an ad for French's mustard the other day and my mouth started watering immediately! Pretty sure it was this ad below with the mustard sky writing, "Crowd."

Of course, searching YouTube for the ad above, I found many more tantalizing commercials...


I bet this voice sounds familiar...
(The ad above is voiced by Didi Conn from Grease) 

this one cracks me up!
mmmm Spicy Brown!
 (sounds like Brian Posehn to me... thoughts?) 

An oldie but goodie!
(Links: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Colgate Total Floss Broccoli Print Ad

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy PRINT ADS!  Wow! Fun, creative, page-turning traditional media, I have really missed you!!

  Today's "PICK..." "TOOTHPICK!" from a campaign by Colgate for their Total Floss...

You can see the ad below and also here on's May 2010 winners list
for "Best Illustration." 
Two other print ads from the campaign are "Tongue" (corn) and "Finger" (green onion).

"There are places a toothpick will never reach."

Ad Agency: Prolam Y+R, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca; Creative Director: Alvaro Becker
Art Directors: Cristian Costa, Andres Echeverria; Copywriter: Tomas Cisternas
Illustrators: La mano, Miguel Vergara, José Isla, Silvana Mercado

Kraft Homestyle commercial (Mac and Cheese)

Another acerbic kid ad from Kraft. This one seems a bit more natural than the others. And I’m liking it…

"So get this. Kraft Mac and Cheese. But it’s in a bag. And you bake it. In the oven.
Whatever happened to Cheeseasarus Rex? I loved that guy.
Well Kraft Corporation, I’m on to you. Going after the grownups and trying to muscle me out?
But I’m not going anywhere."

Same tag:
"You know you love it."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Volkswagen’s, Fast Lane - "Driven By Fun"

I blogged about the Volkswagen CC Reveal ad in April and The Fun Theory last October (remember the piano stairs and the scratch mat?), and today I bring you Volkswagen's Fast Lane!

Check out these totally cool, super fun, ("driven by fun") videos below! They are "dedicated to everyone who enjoys speeding up life a little" and promote the GTI. (I found the ads on

YouTube description:
The elevator -- driven by fun.
A sound system turns the ride into a rocket take-off. Welcome on-board!

YouTube description:
The shopping carts -- driven by fun.
Some carts are pimped with a skateboard. Up for some extra shopping fun?

YouTube description:
The slide -- driven by fun.
A long staircase. Next to it a slide. Which way would you go?

And here's a screenshot of the Fast Lane-themed Facebook page:

Volkswagen World Cup commercials

Andddddddd it's Volkswagen's turn to chime into the World Cup madness! And I think these commercials do a perfect job of portraying the MADNESS! (Found them at

And there's also Facepaint.
Overall, I am SO glad not to hear deafening vuvuzelas in the background!

Want to have more fun with Volkswagen?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

M+M commercials round 2!

Just one post about M+M commercials was not enough! Here's a package full of nostalgia for ya... an assortment of M+M throwbacks!  (Again, I found most of the ads at

The first two especially bring back so many wonderful childhood memories!

I always enjoyed watching this one...

I definitely remember seeing this one a lot!

This always made me laugh!!

(So memorable! Plays every year!)

(Remember when, before pink and purple and all the neon rainbow colors they have now, we all thought the idea of blue M+M's was pretty crazy?!)

M+M commercials round 1!

Sometimes when I can't find an ad I like, I find a whole BUNCH of ads I love from the brand!

   Today's pick: M+M's!!!!!!!!!!

The ad I liked is from the "Become an M+M" campaign, but I can't find it. But I did find the first ad I saw from the campaign and it is definitely my favorite! It features the song "This is the Day" by The The. (The song also closes the movie Empire Records, one of my top three movies of all time, so it has a great deal of sentimental value to me. Probably why I adore the ad in the first place!)

I found the bulk of the ads below at! 

"There's an M+M in everyone. Find yours."

"When you're an M+M, don't forget, there might be a large peanut inside you..."

 "When you're an M+M, you might wonder, 'Where are my ear holes? Should I make new ones?' ...No." 

M+M Premiums - Mint

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Castrol commercials ("Cash Car" etc.)

I'm really not sure why, but the commercial below for Castrol totally cracks me up! I wonder if the flying quarters actually hurt?!

(There's also a 5 second version)

Searching YouTube, I found a few more ads from Castrol that I enjoyed watching as well...

And a "Making of" the FIFA World Cup ad...

Finally, here's an ad for Castrol featuring Cristiano Ronaldo:

And here's a "Making of" the Cristiano Ronaldo spot:

I'm not a big fan of the "Think With Your Dipstick" commercials, so I'm glad to see Castrol has gone in a different direction with their advertising!

Bugs Ruin Everything - Part 2

It's time for more from BugsRuinEverything (from Western Pest Services) and the Myers Family! I blogged about the webisodes a few weeks ago and the hilarity keeps on coming! (You can find them at

Favorite line: "My man."
Comments: Realistic set. Smart to put the pest on the actual table. So funny!

10. Nap Time

Favorite line: "You know sometimes I sleep in your hair."
Comments: This actress is great! Everything seems so real. I can't even thinking about counting all the ads I've seen recently with terrible acting. Across the board, including the bug, fantastic casting choices as I've said before!

9. The Proposal

 Favorite line: "But my heartascope said 'Today's the day.'"
Comments: I like the longer length for this one. 

8. Bottom of the Ninth

Favorite line: "That's not even acting, that's living right there."
Comments: Again, great acting from the pest... and the kid! 

7. Laundry

Favorite line: "Danke shen." (at the end...)
Comments: the woman looks so frustrated, poor her! 

I'll keep checking for more!

Maybeline Colossal Volum Express behind-the-scenes, etc.

In my opinion, some of the most persuasive commercials come from the cosmetics industry. And sometimes, they are actually interesting to watch!

   Today's pick:  Maybelline's Colossal Volum Express... I can't find the actual ad online but I did find a behind-the-scenes. Looks like it must have been really fun to make!

And here's a French version of the commercial:

I also came across a few more behind-the-scenes videos:

Here's a behind-the-scenes featuring Pulse Perfection:

(Here's the actual Pulse Perfection commercial):

Finally, check out these other behind-the-scenes: 

behind-the-scenes featuring Mineral Power,

the Color Sensational Lip Color shoot,

and the Maybelline New York 2010 Calendar Photo Shoot.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hershey's Pieces

Mmmmm.  Have you tried Hershey's Pieces?  Sooooo good!

    Here's a tantalizing introduction below if you haven't heard of them already.
    (Not the best quality, but here's a link to watch a better version.)

Jamiroquai Cup Noodles commercial from Japan


Check out this Cup Noodles commercial from Japan... ("I am hungry, I am hungry, I like Cup Noodles, I don’t need other one" are the translated lyrics dubbed over Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity.")
 The ad ends with a super, "It's the only flavor in the world."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now Boarding Pets

   (I can't help it... I love seeing happy dogs in commercials!!!)

    I saw the ad below for Now Boarding Pets at the Minneapolis airport and it caught my eye quicker than you can say "Fetch!" Enjoy... woof!

Honda Portable Generator

Saw a local commercial for Honda Portable Generator recently (featuring the voice of Morgan Freeman I think) and I decided to share it because I'm really fond of the concept. It's fun, it makes sense and to me, it's unexpected... enjoy!

Lowes commercials - First Time Home Buyers

Wow - good job Lowes! Their new ad, "First Time Home Buyers," is really funny! I'm sure so many people find themselves in similar situations... even renters can probably relate! (Found the ad on

And here's a longer version,
"First Home"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Coco Chanel commercial

I saw the ad featured in the "making of" below on Hulu the other day for Rouge Coco Chanel featuring French model, Vanessa Paradis and it almost took my breath away.


(It reminds me a little of the Miss Dior commercial I blogged about last year in December.) 

Behind-the-scenes of Dodge Challenger Freedom ad

Thought the Dodge Challenger "Freedom" commercial that aired during the World Cup was awesome?!?!

 ...Wait til you see the behind the scenes!

(Found the ad on

Cadbury Dairy Milk commercials!

This post is about picking the right music for commercials ("right" meaning "AWESOME.") 

And what brand is it that's totally rocking my world today?

...the U.K.'s
Cadbury Dairy Milk!


Another Nice 'n Easy ad, "Fitting Room"

YAY!  I found the other Nice 'n Easy ad I've been looking for, "Fitting Room."

     I'm definitely still a big fan of Angela Kinsey and this campaign overall!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Lincoln MKS

Saw an ad for the Lincoln MKS the other day and I couldn't stop thinking about it! I mainly remembered the music and when I searched YouTube for the ad, I found a few other great ads featuring memorable music as well as space-age-like art direction...
Check em out... 

(I think the music in this one is my favorite.)

"Light Speed"
(The song from this ad is the one that gets stuck in my head the most...)