Thursday, May 6, 2010

Virgin Holidays "Rockstar Service" commercials

Found the ad below today for Virgin Holidays... big fan. Check it out.

I love the bit: "We're getting this uncommon service because we rock. Three pieces of bread, one for each album. Big fan, huh?"
The tag: "On a Virgin holiday, everyone gets treated like a rockstar."
There's also a 40 second and a 60 second version.
(Found these on the Rockstar Service YouTube page.)

And an additional Virgin slogan that I really like,
"ask for the world."


The Travel Guru said...

Totally loving this add, very tongue in cheek and a little bit cheeky. Very Virgin Holidays. Apparently there's a 6 minute rockumentary to follow...

Lizasan said...

Definitely screams "this is a Virgin commercial!" looking forward to the rockumentary... thanks for the head's up!