Saturday, May 22, 2010

Truvia commercial voice?

Doesn't it bug the heck outta ya when you can't figure out whose voice is in a commercial?
Today's quandary:  a Truvia commercial... at first I thought it was Best in Show and Glee's 
Jane Lynch, or Julia Roberts, but says otherwise! HMMM! 

UPDATE: USA TODAY says the voiceover actress is Colette Whitaker... find her on IMDB here.
And, the "Honestly Sweet" commercial singer is Therese Hegler (Truvia press release here)

   Still, I really like the simple art direction in the ad. It makes me want to spoon sugar on my tongue (not sure why, it's just very enticing!)


Patrick said...

I think it might be the babysitter from Raising Hope, researching further

Lizasan said...

Thanks Patrick!

Rebecca said...

I can tell you the singing on the ad is vocalist/violinist Rebecca Zapen (
However, I don't know who did the speaking voiceover part.

Lizasan said...

Thanks Rebecca!

DL in ATL said...

That woman's high-pitched nasaly monotone, her gnat-like droning is beyond irritating and those insipid ditties she sings are enough to send one over the edge. What an OBNOXIOUS ad campaign. I literally cringe and hit the mute button the instant I hear her awful voice. Thanks to her, I will NEVER buy this product! Stop torturing us!!