Sunday, June 20, 2010

M+M commercials round 1!

Sometimes when I can't find an ad I like, I find a whole BUNCH of ads I love from the brand!

   Today's pick: M+M's!!!!!!!!!!

The ad I liked is from the "Become an M+M" campaign, but I can't find it. But I did find the first ad I saw from the campaign and it is definitely my favorite! It features the song "This is the Day" by The The. (The song also closes the movie Empire Records, one of my top three movies of all time, so it has a great deal of sentimental value to me. Probably why I adore the ad in the first place!)

I found the bulk of the ads below at! 

"There's an M+M in everyone. Find yours."

"When you're an M+M, don't forget, there might be a large peanut inside you..."

 "When you're an M+M, you might wonder, 'Where are my ear holes? Should I make new ones?' ...No." 

M+M Premiums - Mint

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