Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Listerine - "This Is Your Mouth" (with Neil Patrick Harris)

This post is a DOOZY! For many reasons!

   First off, did you know when you brush and floss, you only clean half of your mouth? 

Well, that's what Listerine claims in their new "Docummerical" featuring narration by Neil Patrick Harris. It's called "This Is Your Mouth." You can find the landing page at Listerine.com/ThisIsYourMouth. (Each time a person watches the video on this site, a $1 donation goes to National Children’s Oral Health Foundation®: America’s Toothfairy®.)

As much as this documentary is a commercial selling you a product, it's also a commercial educating you about oral hygiene. (I wonder how many obsessive hand washers are as careful about getting rid of the bacteria in their mouths...) You can find out more in this press release.

So here is the video! I promise, it really is interesting!
(But please visit the website as well to make a donation.)

Of course, the post wouldn't be complete without some commercials from the Listerine brand!

Here's a throwback from 1971 with Judd Hirsch (from the tv show Taxi)
when the tagline was "The taste people hate. Twice a day."
(Obviously before all the flavors they have today.)

Here's the "Boxer" ad 
you see clips on in "This Is Your Mouth":

Here ya go!

(for the Total Care Sensitive variety):

And this is an ad from the U.S.

Finally here's a link to a Listerine ad with Morgan Freeman!

Now, go rinse!

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