Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Life's a Moving Target" commercials and more!

So I'm still looking for Target's alphabet commercial, but while I'm waiting to find it, here are some fun ads I found for your viewing pleasure:

These first two commercials are from Target's "Life's a Moving Target" campaign by Wieden+Kennedy...

(I adore the art direction in this one, but I'm not so fond of the copy. I think the vignettes do a better job of telling the story.)

And next up, two commercials similar to "Meet Ann" (blogged about that one in January)

here's a link to: "Valentines"
(Embedding disabled by request.)

Finally, here's an ad featuring the Black Eyed Peas 
(cool art direction... strangely reminds me of the Seroquel commercial I posted about recently.)

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