Thursday, June 24, 2010

French's mustard - "Crowd" commercial

If you know me, you know I love condiments... It's kind of an obsession. And mustard is NO EXCEPTION! It's one of my favorites actually. And when it comes to a good 'ol turkey sandwich, French's yellow is the best! (Sometimes, I do go with their spicy brown when I'm in the mood though.)

Soooooo, I saw an ad for French's mustard the other day and my mouth started watering immediately! Pretty sure it was this ad below with the mustard sky writing, "Crowd."

Of course, searching YouTube for the ad above, I found many more tantalizing commercials...


I bet this voice sounds familiar...
(The ad above is voiced by Didi Conn from Grease) 

this one cracks me up!
mmmm Spicy Brown!
 (sounds like Brian Posehn to me... thoughts?) 

An oldie but goodie!
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