Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dawn Saves Wildlife commercial

The commercial below is too adorable for words! It's for dawn dish soap and even thought it's a "simulated demonstration," I think the cause is still a good one.

  The commercial explains that many animals caught in oil spills have been saved using Dawn dish soap. It also promotes DawnSavesWildlife.com; buy a bottle of Dawn dish soap and log on to the website to enter the code on the bottle and Dawn to donate $1 to save wildlife (they are donating up to $500,000). The tag: "Tough on grease, yet gentle."

Connect more with Dawn's cause on their Facebook page.
Become an "Everyday Wildlife Champion" here and learn more about what you can do on a daily basis here.
And find out how your state is performing in the challenge here.
Finally, go inside Dawn's wildlife rescues here.


Trevor said...

so cute :( i want to scrub a duck.

Lizasan said...