Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bugs Ruin Everything

Sometimes I get forwarded some really lame webisodes but the other day I came across webisodes from, and the site completely changed my opinion of the medium...

Below you'll fine episodes 1-6 of the BugsRuinEverything's "The Myers!" series from Overall, I think the acting is funny and natural and the webisodes are very professional looking. Excellent wardrobe on the pest and mouse throughout!

Favorite line: "Kneal before me!" (love the accent!)
Comments: Priceless expression on the face of the male date upon seeing the bug on the table.

2. "Basketball"

Favorite line: "Hit the showers!"
Comments: I kinda love this bug and hate him too! That poor little girl...

3. "Scale"

Favorite line: "That's it honey, walk it off."
Comments: This guy is so annoying, but always cracks me up! (now a mouse)... again, perfect casting and expressions on the actress. ( redirects to

Favorite line: "You were Gamma Kappa Gamma? I was Larva Larva Larva!" 

5. "Vacuum"
Favorite line: "You have good snacks."

6. "Feather"
Favorite line: "That's so lame! You're ridiculous!"
Comments: This is the latest webisode...  falling off the bed - cracked me up, and again the actress' hialrious expressions!

Below is a screenshot of where you can find Bug Facts, vent about what's bugging you and also watch the webisodes!

On their homepage, you can also enter the Video Challenge and win $5,000 by uploading a short video about bugs ruining everything (contest ends 8/15/10 and you can vote until 9/15/10).

And if you're wondering,

"So what is,"

here's a description from their website:
"Who says pest control companies can’t have fun? At Western Pest Services, we’ve seen it all…and bugs do have a knack for ruining things. Actually, pests in general share that talent, whether it’s termites in your walls or overwintering squirrels gnawing in your attic. takes that idea to its humorous extreme.

Have a Real Pest Problem? Fight back with Western Pest Services.
From termite protection to complete home protection plans that cover everything from carpenter ants to stinging insects, Western Pest Services has been providing top-notch pest control solutions since 1928. Schedule a free home inspection."


Matt said...

Thanks for posting these first 6 commercials. I play the "PEST" and really enjoyed reading the reviews on your blog. Keep your eyes open for 9 more of these to hit the site soon.

Matthew O'Connor (The Pest)

Lizasan said...

Glad you enjoyed my post Matt! I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the series!! :)