Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bugs Ruin Everything - Part 2

It's time for more from BugsRuinEverything (from Western Pest Services) and the Myers Family! I blogged about the webisodes a few weeks ago and the hilarity keeps on coming! (You can find them at

Favorite line: "My man."
Comments: Realistic set. Smart to put the pest on the actual table. So funny!

10. Nap Time

Favorite line: "You know sometimes I sleep in your hair."
Comments: This actress is great! Everything seems so real. I can't even thinking about counting all the ads I've seen recently with terrible acting. Across the board, including the bug, fantastic casting choices as I've said before!

9. The Proposal

 Favorite line: "But my heartascope said 'Today's the day.'"
Comments: I like the longer length for this one. 

8. Bottom of the Ninth

Favorite line: "That's not even acting, that's living right there."
Comments: Again, great acting from the pest... and the kid! 

7. Laundry

Favorite line: "Danke shen." (at the end...)
Comments: the woman looks so frustrated, poor her! 

I'll keep checking for more!

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