Monday, May 17, 2010

Amazing Art Direction commercials - Group 3

The ad below for Verizon Wireless and the Droid phone not only has stellar art direction, but also features killer copy (in my opinion... yes, i said "killer!"):

COPY: "Should a phone be pretty? Should it be a tiara-wearing digitally clueless beauty pageant queen? Or should it be fast? Racehorse duct-taped to a scud missile fast... We say the latter, so we built a phone that does. Does rip through the web like a circular saw through a ripe banana. Is it a precious porcelain figurine of a phone? In truth, no. It's not a princess. It's a robot. A phone that trades hairdo for can do. "

 Here's a really fun to watch Avatar-themed ad for the LG Chocolate phone:

Finally, I'll conclude with an ad I've been admiring for a while, for Samsung Mobile (also fun to watch!)

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