Monday, May 31, 2010

Target's Lost commercials

With the recent series finale of Lost, it is only fitting that a brand other than Bud Light was going to get on the Lost-themed commercial bandwagon!

Here's Target's take! 



Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gatorade's "Evolve"

I'm sure by now you've either seen the Gatorade "Evolve" commercial or at least heard the song! It is fun and educational and I've really enjoyed watching it the past few weeks...

(I found this at

Searching YouTube for the ad, I also found a funky spec ad for Gatorade featuring one of my favorite jams from college, RJD2's "Ghostwriter" (an appropriate pick!)


New Subway commercials (Summertime Fun)

Have you seen the new "Summertime Fun" ad from Subway?
   I'm a fan! And it makes me want to try a new Orchard Chicken Salad sub!

Searching YouTube for the ad, I remembered how many other great Subway commercials I've seen in the past few years.
Check a few out below!

Charles Schwab - "Value" (and other "Investors Rule" ads)

I'm blogging about the Charles Schwab ads again because they fall into the category of commercials that after I see them once, still catch my attention whenever they air on the tv's at the gym.

Just check out the art direction...


There are a few other ads in the campaign,
"Enough is Enough" and "More Help For Less Money." 
(Not able to embed. You can see more on Charles Schwab's YouTube page.)

Friday, May 28, 2010

P+G "Future Friendly" green crayon commercial

I am always happy when I see a commercial and it makes me want to find out more about the campaign! 

Today's example: P+G's "Future Friendly" campaign and this green crayon commercial...
The copy:
"Green - once just a simple color... not anymore. Now it describes everything we choose and buy, eat, and drive. Well, what if green could be simple again? As simple as say, doing the laundry? Presenting 'Future Friendly' from P+G. The products you use everyday, designed to do one of three simple things... save water, save energy or reduce waste. Because when green is user-friendly, we can all be 'future friendly.' 'Future Friendly,' from P+G."

I really like the plain green crayon idea and the simplicity of the art in the entire commercial.

Visit this page (from and you'll find a summary of the "Future Friendly" campaign and its expansion in the United States by Jim Leish, P+G's Marketing Director:
The campaign is "an environmental responsibility and consumer education platform."

Leish describes how the "multi-brand initiative" "brings together the power of trusted brands like Tide, Pampers, PUR, Duracell and others for a simple mission: to help consumers save water, waste and energy at home." He summarizes that "Future Friendly" is a "multi-brand commercial innovation in support of our company's ongoing commitment to sustainability." It was "designed to appeal to the mainstream consumer who is very confused about 'green,' and although they want to do the right things and they want to work towards a more sustainable future, they don't want to do things like trade off performance and not get the results and trade away from the brands they love." 

"Through this platform, we're able to provide consumers with really meaningful tips and meaningful solutions to make steps towards a more 'future friendly' environment by using different P+G products that give them the same great performance they've come to know and love, and at the same time, help them save energy, reduce waste and save water," Leish explains. "By taking small steps with our consumers, we think we have big benefits on our planet and touch and improve the lives of our consumers now and for generations to come." 

Find out more about P+G's sustainability efforts here 
and also below in an interview with Kirk Perry, P+G's VP of North America about making the 'Green' movement more user-friendly. (Conducted by the Fox Business News Network.)

Perry explains that "'Future Friendly' is an educational program designed to reach millions of consumers, to help them understand how to use less water, less energy and also produced less waste. Some of our products are formulated against what we call 'sustainable innovation product guidelines' which mean a meaningful reduction in one of those three areas." 14 brands have gone through "green" changes such as Tide Cold Water (washing in cold water is a "significant benefit to energy reduction.") "The products meet very stringent scientific standards."

"We know our consumers want no trade-offs; they want great product benefits at a great value, and they want to have them help the environment."

"At P+G we like to think of sustainability being in our DNA," Perry says. He states that since 2002, P+G has reduced its carbon footprint per unit of production by about 50 percent."

"We're always looking at how to make our products better and improve consumers' lives." "We're all about the consumer. And the consumer is our boss. And when she is going somewhere, we want to be right there with her. We know that this is a very important area for 70 percent of our consumers."

Perry won't say what the company spent on this initiative, but he does tell us that "Everything we do is a great return on investment for our shareholders." With the new products, consumers won't be paying more; they'll get the "same value they know and expect from P+G." 

Lastly, here's a link to an interview with Gianni Ciserani, President for Western Europe Procter + Gamble about 'Green' consumption (conducted at the European Business Summit) from 2008...

Bud Light Golden Wheat - "Elevator" (again!)

I blogged about Bud Light's "Hookup" ads back in February, but I've seen "Elevator" on the air a lot lately so I thought I'd post it again since I still think it's funny and creative...

Here it is:

(There's also "Persistence" and "First Site.")

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BMW 3 series 2011 commercial and more!

I know I've said it before, but sometimes, I just can't put my finger on why I like an ad, pretty much... today's example, the new commercial for BMW's 2011 3-series.

     I think it's the music that gets me!


Searching YouTube for the ad above, I also found a whole bunch of other enjoyable BMW ads... 
"Some may call it a concept car, but this is not a new product. This is every car we build."

"On any given day, no two are made exactly the same. Which makes it almost as unique as its driver."

"To some, it's remarkable. To us, it's just business as usual."

Tag: Discover Everyday

After the watching the ad above, I knew it looked familiar...

Check out a commercial from this year for the Ford Taurus with the SHO engine:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cadillac 2010 CTS-V and more


There's something about the powerful new ad for the Cadillac 2010 CTS-V that kind of blows my mind. Maybe it's the music or the colors. Maybe it's the supers, or the close-ups, or the overall art direction. YOU WILL WATCH IT NOW.

Here's a similar ad for the CTS sports sedan:
(The ad for the SRX crossover also follows the same theme.) 

Searching YouTube for the ads, I also found an introduction to the CTS-V Coupe, presented at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in January.
It's pretty amazing to watch, too.

Overall, I definitely think this campaign is better than the older commercials that featured Kate Walsh 

for the CTS Sedan

See more ads from Cadillac on their YouTube page.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stride Shift flavor - "Shift Test"

So, I've posted multiple times about Stride Gum's commercials (the first "Mega Mystery" flavor commercial and the whole series of Mega Mystery ads, as well as some other Stride commercials) and today's post isn't really about a quality television commercial, but really to ask you:


...I can't find it anywhere, but I'm a huge Stride gum fan and would like to know what you think.

    Until I hear some feedback, here's the "Shift Test" commercial...

See more from Stride Gum in my earlier posts and on their YouTube page.

Monday, May 24, 2010

2011 Ford Fiesta commercial

A day or two ago, I saw the new commercial for the 2011 Ford Fiesta... it's great! It's exciting! 


Connect more with Ford Fiesta on their Facebook page, Twitter and Flickr photostream. 

Searching YouTube for the ad, I also found two fun, colorful ads for the 2009 Ford Fiesta... 

Check em out:

Dunkin' Donuts - "Troubleshooting" commercial

There is a great ad for Dunkin' out now about troubleshooting... haven't found it yet but will post when I find it!

For now, I'll leave you with "How to Deliver the Dunkin Donuts' brand," an interview with John Costello, Dunkin' Brands Chief Marketing Officer. He focuses on how Dunkin' balances what customers throughout the country already know about the brad with innovation.



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Truvia commercial voice?

Doesn't it bug the heck outta ya when you can't figure out whose voice is in a commercial?
Today's quandary:  a Truvia commercial... at first I thought it was Best in Show and Glee's 
Jane Lynch, or Julia Roberts, but says otherwise! HMMM! 

UPDATE: USA TODAY says the voiceover actress is Colette Whitaker... find her on IMDB here.
And, the "Honestly Sweet" commercial singer is Therese Hegler (Truvia press release here)

   Still, I really like the simple art direction in the ad. It makes me want to spoon sugar on my tongue (not sure why, it's just very enticing!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

AT+T's Blanket commercial

Simple idea... AT+T coverage is like a blanket.

   Beautiful music, fantastic art direction... check out "Blanket" below:

And even though I'm not so fond of Luke Wilson as their spokesman, I actually think the "Shed Some Light" commercial is pretty creative too...

See more commercials from AT+T on their YouTube page.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dove - Glee's Lea Michele - "My Favorite Things" ad

Ok Gleeks.
Here she is.
Your queen. 

Miss Lea Michele
singing their theme song,

(Even though I think the other "My Favorite Things" commercial is more exciting, I still think this version is pretty fun too!)

Not enough for ya?

Visit Dove's homepage to play a game to win prizes in the 
"Glee for All" Giveaway (screenshot below).

Kayak - "Magnus"

I've blogged about before (here and here) for their creative commercials

       and today, I give you "Magnus" (below).

"Is ignorance bliss?
No, Magnus is bliss."

I also must comment on the art direction - 
great color choices of orange (the main color on
and a brilliant baby blue.

See more ads from Kayak in my earlier posts and on their YouTube page.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dodge Grand Caravan - Cats and Mice?


The tag: "It has everything. So you can do anything."


The YouTube video description for "Kittens":
"The new 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan is no ordinary minivan. It will be your fast car in your time of business, even when you're playing kitten and the dogs are out to get you. Its got Flo TV, wi-fi hotspot, voice-activated navigation."
(In case you're wondering, yes, you've seen that girl before - she plays the twins on Big Love. Her name is Mireille Enos.)

There are two other commercials I've seen in the campaign - "Turncoat" and "Why." 
(Not as insane, but check them out below...) 

The YouTube video description for "Turncoat":
"The new 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan is no ordinary van. It just might be a safe haven for a turncoat, or the guiding light in an emergency getaway situation. This car's tricks include Flo TV, wi-fi hotspot, voice-activated navigation."

The YouTube video description for "Why":
"The new 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan is no ordinary mini-van. It has everything, so you can do everything. Its got Flo TV, wi-fi hotspot, voice-activated navigation. Its great for a scenic car ride across the desert when you feel like kicking back for a couple good movies on dual monitors alongside 2 other joyriding mini-vans."


(I found these three ads on Dodge's YouTubge page.)

AT+T's extended "Birthday" commercial (featuring "Pure Imagination")

I know, I know... I've already blogged about this one! BUT I LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! (To refresh your memory, it's from AT+T's "Rethink Possible" campaign.)

     It just makes me smile so big!

And today, I give you...


for your additional viewing pleasure!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Amazing Art Direction commercials - Group 3

The ad below for Verizon Wireless and the Droid phone not only has stellar art direction, but also features killer copy (in my opinion... yes, i said "killer!"):

COPY: "Should a phone be pretty? Should it be a tiara-wearing digitally clueless beauty pageant queen? Or should it be fast? Racehorse duct-taped to a scud missile fast... We say the latter, so we built a phone that does. Does rip through the web like a circular saw through a ripe banana. Is it a precious porcelain figurine of a phone? In truth, no. It's not a princess. It's a robot. A phone that trades hairdo for can do. "

 Here's a really fun to watch Avatar-themed ad for the LG Chocolate phone:

Finally, I'll conclude with an ad I've been admiring for a while, for Samsung Mobile (also fun to watch!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amazing Art Direction commercials - Group 2

Looking for an ad that will give you the shivers? Check out this one for Smirnoff, "Gong":

Or might you rather get wet? Here's an aqueous ad from Coca-Cola:

What about unexpected animation? Watch this commercial from Michelin:

Lastly, I end with another ambitious animated ad for the pain relief medicine, Nurofen:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amazing Art Direction commercials - Group 1

After blogging about the Tostitos salsa commercial around Cinco de Mayo, I took a look at a YouTube page where it was featured and found some other ads with amazing art direction...

It makes me think, "wow, can it really do that?!" (I think that's the point!)

Here's one for Insight Communications:

(Not sure how I feel about the southern accent, but my eyes really are captivated when watching the twists and twirls of the graphics leading up to the company's logo at the end.)

Finally, here's Dell's "Ready to Go"

Great graphics in this one, so great that I almost don't hear the simply stated, informative copy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Degree Adrenaline commercial

Sometimes I like ads because they have a strong brand message. Sometimes it's the precious pups. Sometimes, I simply go goo-goo-ga-ga over babies. But other times, some commercials are just  COOL!

Today's cool example: Degree Men's mountain bike commercial for their Adrenaline series. Just watch!

There's another ad I've seen running for Degree advertising the Fan vs. Wild Challenge...
here's a link  
(c'mon, nothing screams I LOVE THE GREAT OUTDOORS like Bear Grills!)

Finally here's a screenshot of the "Products" section of Degree's homepage where you can see the new Adrenaline series:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Become an Ex

One ad from the "Become an Ex" campaign caught my attention recently.
    The point is really clear: "Drinking and smoking don't have to go together." 

Watch the ad below about
"relearning life without cigarettes," 
and "a new way to think about quitting."

And here's one about driving and smoking:

Find out more about the campaign on the EXTeam Twitter page.

NYC Health Anti-Soda ad

If you don't find the ad below disgusting, you must have the strongest stomach on the planet! I may be a bit behind the times on this post, but here's an Anti-Soda commercial from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, posted in the smallest size possible... I definitely am skipping the soda this weekend and probably for another week or two!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Google Chrome Speed Tests

Though I've blogged about Google Chrome's stop-motion animation shorts before (here and here), I am still a loyal Firefox user... but that doesn't mean I won't post about new videos I've seen!

Yesterday's noteworthy Hulu interruption: various Google Chrome "Speed Tests."  I've included a compilation of the shorts and a "making of" video below for your viewing pleasure. (My favorite part is the pink Pandora paint!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"More Birthdays" (American Cancer Society)

Saw the ad below today from American Cancer Society ("the official sponsor of birthdays") for their "More Birthdays" campaign on the big screen (at the movies).

   Simple and creative concept, clear copy and powerful, inspirational (almost bringing a tear to my eye) images. 

Here it is: 

 (There's also a 30 second version) 

When I got home, I logged on to (didn't even have to write it down, just remembered the commercial thoroughout the whole movie.) Here's some copy from site:

"Creating a world with more birthdays"

"Join people around the globe who are passionately committed to making a world with less cancer and more birthdays a reality!
The movement for more birthdays is about everyday people coming together to make a meaningful difference. There are so many ways to create a world with more birthdays. Whether you are keeping your family healthy to stay well, finding the best resources to help a friend or loved one deal with a diagnosis on their journey to get well, or becoming active in your local community to fight back and find cures for this disease, together we can help make sure that cancer never steals another year of anyone’s life.
Every day more people are joining the movement to create a world with more birthdays. Our strength and commitment fuels the movement’s growth, honors those that have been affected by cancer, and reminds us all how special one more candle, one more cake, and one more celebration with the people we love truly is.
Want a world with more birthdays? Join the movement today, because there’s no such thing as too many candles!"

See more "More Birthdays" commercials like the one above (and the one below)

Connect more with the "More Birthdays" campaign by sending an e-card,
visiting their Facebook page,
and learning about the "More Birthdays" iPhone app. 

Finally, here's a making of "More Birthdays"

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Spec ad that Stands Out

I truly enjoy finding spec ads that not only stand out from the crowd, but are also more creative and BETTER than many commercials I see airing on tv...

Today's example: Igor Martinovic's spec commercial for Adidas, "inspired by the first World Cup ever taking place on the African continent" (in his words). It was filmed in Long Island with local children from New York City.

What do I like about this ad in particular? The music and sound choices, the lighting, the camera angles, THE FEET, the expressions on the faces of the kids... I think it is moving and engaging.

Igor was Director of Photography for Man on Wire (2008), winner of an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2009 and a BAFTA for Best British Film the same year. Find out more about Igor on his website; he is looking to enter the advertising world and this spec ad is his directorial debut.

Watch his spec ad now below:

Pyrex's "Cooking Solved" ad (Grater?)

Recently, I've seen the Pyrex commercials airing again and I'm still a big fan!

      Here's a flashback to "Cooking Solved..."

(Ad agency: Cramer-Krasselt)

There's also "Whisk," "Saucepan," "Glass Storage" and "Cheese Grater."

(I saw the grater ad most recently and will keep an eye out for it on YouTube to post eventually...)

See my post from last December for more information about the campaign!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! (

I blogged about Teleflora's "Mr. Warmth" Super Bowl commercial and some of their other commercials including a Mother's Day spot back in February and I just had to post both of these ads again. They are so funny and I still think the concept is very inventive...


See more ads from Teleflora on their YouTube page and in my post from February!

Verizon's "Birthday Moment" (Pirates!)

Often I see commercials promoting products in situations that would never happen. But the ad below from Verizon, "Birthday Moment," I could definitely see happening in real life. (another appropriately mom-centric ad today...)

(See more ads from Verizon on their YouTube page.)

Febreze commercials

I've seen a few creative ads from Febreze lately, so I thought I'd share...
The baby's expression is wonderful!

Another funny ad I've seen running lately...

I also like "MASK" below:

Finally, here are some ads from England (I think), featuring some hilarious characters!






Connect more with Febreze on their Facebook page.