Monday, April 26, 2010

This is SportsCenter - Arnold Palmer, etc.

I blogged about seeing "Climate Change" for ESPN ("This is SportsCenter") in February, and yesterday I saw a new spot with Arnold Palmer... it was obvious who the sports star was in this commercial because he was mixing lemonade and iced tea!

Very funny... check it out:

Searching ESPN's YouTube page for "This is SportsCenter,"

I found some of their other creative ads:

Maria Sharapova

"Reading Lips"

"Going Up"
(featuring the same mascot as "Climate Change," the NJ Devil)

I also found ads featuring Manny Ramirez (this one and this one), Carmelo Anthony, David Ortiz and Jorge Pasada, Larry Fitzgerald, gymnast Mary Lou Retton, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and the Oregon Duck mascot.

Again, there are tons more on ESPN's YouTube page.


LP said...

I love these ads! ESPN got it right with these.

Check out this top 100 list:

Lizasan said...

Thanks LP! What a great collection!!!