Friday, April 30, 2010

Northland Dark Fruit Juice commercial

I saw a beautiful ad at the gym the other day for Northland dark juices...  You can see the actual ad on their website, here.

The copy is simple:
"Daringly dark. Richly nutritious. Enriched with antioxidants. New Northland dark fruit juices - the power of dark fruit."  I really like the word choices of "daring" and "rich," but I think "enriched" sounds too similar to the word "richly."

Here are two stills from their commercial:

Find out more about Northland Juices on their website.

Here's why they think you should drink specifically dark juices:

"Intense with dark fruit flavor. Naturally rich in antioxidants. Now the dark fruits are perfectly blended into delicious juices that reward your body as much as your taste buds. New Northland Dark Fruit Juices.

    Northland has extracted antioxidants from four of the most powerful superfruits—pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry and red grape—and infused them into all of our juices. So you get added whole fruit goodness in every deep, dark, delicious sip.
    Why antioxidants? Because antioxidants are powerful free-radical fighters that can boost your body's own defenses. Free radicals can damage DNA, cause cellular change, oxidize "bad" LDL cholesterol, and cause premature aging. Research suggests that consuming foods high in antioxidants may help maintain a healthy immune system and help improve the body's anti-inflammatory capacity."

Finally, here's a screenshot of

(I'm sure one of their biggest competitors in the dark juice market is Pom,
but if you want to try Northland Juices for yourself,
here's a list of where you can find the products in your area.)

Find out more about the actual products they offer,
Cranberry blends, Pomegranate blends and Superfruit blends,

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