Thursday, April 29, 2010

More from Dove - Gretta Monahan

And I'm back! With  more  from Dove!
   This time, I'm posting about Dove's "celeb stylist" Gretta Monahan (she's also been featured on "The Rachael Ray Show" and "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style").

While I can't find the new commercial I've seen her in recently for Dove (talking about all the outrageous things women have done to get their hair the way they want it, such as microwaving a hair treatment), I thought I'd post a clip of Gretta in action, giving hair advice...

Find out more about Gretta on her website 
and see her role as a "celeb stylist" on Dove Hair's homepage. 

(Below is a screenshot of the site.)

Finally, here is Dove's commercial,
(I'm still raving about it!)

(My favorite part is definitely the actress' expression around the 17 second mark!!)


wefoley5 said...

Was looking for the new Dove Hair Treatment ad with Gtetta Monahan and the girl that microwaved her hair product, can't find it anywhere, any reason why ?

Lizasan said...

...It's just not on YouTube yet, not sure why. If I ever find it, I'll definitely post it here. For now, you can see Dove's "My Favorite Things" commercial on their website - here:[cp-documentid=20237899