Friday, April 30, 2010

Northland Dark Fruit Juice commercial

I saw a beautiful ad at the gym the other day for Northland dark juices...  You can see the actual ad on their website, here.

The copy is simple:
"Daringly dark. Richly nutritious. Enriched with antioxidants. New Northland dark fruit juices - the power of dark fruit."  I really like the word choices of "daring" and "rich," but I think "enriched" sounds too similar to the word "richly."

Here are two stills from their commercial:

Find out more about Northland Juices on their website.

Here's why they think you should drink specifically dark juices:

"Intense with dark fruit flavor. Naturally rich in antioxidants. Now the dark fruits are perfectly blended into delicious juices that reward your body as much as your taste buds. New Northland Dark Fruit Juices.

    Northland has extracted antioxidants from four of the most powerful superfruits—pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry and red grape—and infused them into all of our juices. So you get added whole fruit goodness in every deep, dark, delicious sip.
    Why antioxidants? Because antioxidants are powerful free-radical fighters that can boost your body's own defenses. Free radicals can damage DNA, cause cellular change, oxidize "bad" LDL cholesterol, and cause premature aging. Research suggests that consuming foods high in antioxidants may help maintain a healthy immune system and help improve the body's anti-inflammatory capacity."

Finally, here's a screenshot of

(I'm sure one of their biggest competitors in the dark juice market is Pom,
but if you want to try Northland Juices for yourself,
here's a list of where you can find the products in your area.)

Find out more about the actual products they offer,
Cranberry blends, Pomegranate blends and Superfruit blends,

Elephant Auto Insurance

With Elephant Auto Insurance, apparently you'll...


Their commercials annoy me (I posted one below), but I gotta hand it to Elephant Auto Insurance (or their copywriter), the slogan "SAVE A TON" works.  (I first saw it on a bus wrap.)

I also like their tag: "Big coverage, Big savings." (See a screenshot of their website below...)

Here's the "Coincidence" commercial...

(There's also a 30 second version)

See more of commercials from Elephant Insurance on their YouTube page and also on their website.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

More from Dove - Gretta Monahan

And I'm back! With  more  from Dove!
   This time, I'm posting about Dove's "celeb stylist" Gretta Monahan (she's also been featured on "The Rachael Ray Show" and "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style").

While I can't find the new commercial I've seen her in recently for Dove (talking about all the outrageous things women have done to get their hair the way they want it, such as microwaving a hair treatment), I thought I'd post a clip of Gretta in action, giving hair advice...

Find out more about Gretta on her website 
and see her role as a "celeb stylist" on Dove Hair's homepage. 

(Below is a screenshot of the site.)

Finally, here is Dove's commercial,
(I'm still raving about it!)

(My favorite part is definitely the actress' expression around the 17 second mark!!)

That voice in the Marshalls commercials

Who is it??

I am 99 percent sure it's Brenda Strong!
...the deceased Mary Alice and the primary narrator on Desperate Housewives.

Why is she the perfect fit??

(If you watch Desperate Housewives, you know that when you hear Mary Alice's character speaking, she's telling you something important about the other characters and the storyline.) 

She makes you listen,
and that's why I think she's a great choice by Marshalls.

Listen for yourself in one of Marshalls' older ads...

Find out more about Brenda Strong here.
(She was "The Braless Wonder" on Seinfeld back in the day!) 

And visit
to find some of your own


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Puma Fuseproject Packaging

    I love innovative packaging!

If you've bought a pair of shoes from Puma lately, you probably received them in a "clever little bag." 

Why?  Watch the video below from Puma's YouTube page...

Puma hopes that this"revolutionary shift in Puma's pawprint" will not only change changing their business, but also the shoe industry as a whole, while contributing to a better world. 
They say, "it's time we put our boxes to use, by not using them."
From the YouTube video description: 
"PUMA and Yves BĂ©har developed over 21 months a more sustainable packaging and distribution system in keeping with PUMA's ongoing commitment to sustainability." 

Learn more at 

And connect more with the Puma brand on their Facebook page.

Exxon Mobil's "Send My Teacher" campaign

I saw an ad at the gym a few weeks ago (I think it aired during the Master's) and it really caught my attention. I can't find it on YouTube, but you can see it here.

The company: ExxonMobil. And the promotion: (where you can nominate a teacher to send to The Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy, started by golfer Phil Mickelson and his wife... the deadline is Oct. 31, 2010 for third to fifth grade teacher nominations.)

My favorite part of the commercial?
   The titles for the children: "Senior Looker-Insider," "Head Tinkerer" and "Chairwoman of Curiosity." (Phil Mickelson's title: "Former Tinkerer and Masters Champion.") ...I also really liked the simple color choices and playful background music. 

Here's some more information about and The Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy.'s "Learn About Us" summary:

"You learn a lot of cool stuff from your teachers everyday. But where do teachers go to learn more about stuff like math and science? Some teachers get to go to the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy. The Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy is a cool summer camp just for teachers! 

At the Academy, teachers do lots of fun math and science experiments to share with you in the classroom. The experiments seem like games, but really they help everyone learn about math and science! The Academy was started by pro golfer Phil Mickelson and his wife, Amy. They worked with ExxonMobil to create a special learning environment for teachers. They are joined by math and science experts from the National Science Teachers Association and Math Solutions who teach the teachers at the Academy. They come up with fun ways to learn math and science while playing with balloons, rocket cars and marbles. Anything is possible in math and science!"

   ExxonMobil's summary of The Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy:

Today, in fields like medicine, computing and energy, the U.S. needs more brilliant young minds than ever before. Yet, as the need for brainpower grows, the number of our nation’s young people pursuing careers in these areas is decreasing. Fortunately, we believe this trend can be reversed, which is why we partnered with professional golfer Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy to launch the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy in 2005. 
     Each summer, 600 third- through fifth-grade teachers from school districts across the country attend the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academies. The Academies offer a five-day program, with camps in New Jersey, Texas and Louisiana, designed to provide third- through fifth-grade teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to motivate students to pursue careers in science and math. 
     "As someone who uses math and science every day in my career, I recognize the importance of encouraging children’s interests in math and science and equipping educators with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the classroom," said Phil Mickelson. "The Academy is an opportunity for teachers to share best practices with colleagues and pick up tools to positively impact the science and math education students receive."
     Two of the leading teacher-training organizations in the U.S., Math Solutions Professional Development, founded by Marilyn Burns, and The National Science Teachers Association, design the curriculum, provide instructors and manage the daily activities and logistics of the Academy.
     Invitations to attend the Academy are traditionally extended to school districts based on Phil Mickelson's PGA Tour schedule and major ExxonMobil work locations. In 2008, the Academy expanded the opportunities for third- through fifth-grade teachers to attend the 2009 Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy by opening an application process for teachers from across the U.S. The program will continue in 2010. To learn more about how teachers can be nominated and apply, visit

See videos from previously nominated teachers at the Teachers Academy YouTube page
and find out more about the Teachers Academy in articles from USA Today and Business Wire.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jimmy Dean ads 3

  I didn't want to overload my second post about my favorite Jimmy Dean commercials, so here's round three!

Sun's got a good answer for the common question uttered by children, "WHY?"

Apparently the forecast calls for "No way! This came out of a microwave?"

(This ad and "Weather Girl" feature Saturday Night Live featured player Michaela Watkins.)

More ads from Jimmy Dean

After posting about "Rainbow Blue" from Jimmy Dean, I had to search their YouTube page for MORE!

Here are some of my other favorites!

"Lightning and Thunder"
Other than Rainbow, Lightning, Thunder and Rain are my other 3 favorite characters! Just watch...

"Spaced Out"
This was the first ad I saw in this campaign, featuring the "awesome" solar system...

"Full Moon"
"Aw yeah, I'm full..."

"Could you take a message? We're in the middle of an eclipse..."

Cloud wants to rain on the parade...

"Cereal is cold and wet... it's a cloud thing, you wouldn't understand."

Great effects!

Monday, April 26, 2010

This is SportsCenter - Arnold Palmer, etc.

I blogged about seeing "Climate Change" for ESPN ("This is SportsCenter") in February, and yesterday I saw a new spot with Arnold Palmer... it was obvious who the sports star was in this commercial because he was mixing lemonade and iced tea!

Very funny... check it out:

Searching ESPN's YouTube page for "This is SportsCenter,"

I found some of their other creative ads:

Maria Sharapova

"Reading Lips"

"Going Up"
(featuring the same mascot as "Climate Change," the NJ Devil)

I also found ads featuring Manny Ramirez (this one and this one), Carmelo Anthony, David Ortiz and Jorge Pasada, Larry Fitzgerald, gymnast Mary Lou Retton, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and the Oregon Duck mascot.

Again, there are tons more on ESPN's YouTube page.

Shot-by-shot comparison of Glee's Vogue video



Yet another reason why I love Glee.

"As Seen on TV - A Tribute to Doing it Wrong"


Jimmy Dean D-Lights "Rainbow Blue"

The sunshine/moon/cloud/etc. ads from Jimmy Dean always put a smile on my face! 

   Yesterday, I saw "Rainbow Blue," below (for Jimmy Dean's under 300 calorie breakfast meals called "D-Lights").

       This one is definitely my favorite!

Good casting choice and acting, cheery and sweet music in the background, and I love the leprechaun at the end! 

(I found the ad at

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Orkin commercials - "Delivery" and "Hot Tub"

I am LOVING the new ads from Orkin, "Delivery" and "Hot Tub" below... if you're not grossed out by supersized roaches, check 'em out below! Fantastic casting choices!

I've also seen "Broken Down" below...

Sherwin Williams animated paint chip commercial

The new commercial below from Sherwin Williams is so fun to watch! 
    I think the animated paint chips concept is stunning!

    WATCH IT...

Have more fun with Sherwin Williams on their Facebook page.

IKEA kitchen commercial

I posted about a funny IKEA commercial back in January for their mattresses, and now there's a great ad out for their kitchens (not the oven ad with the twins)... but I can't find it online!

Since I can't find it yet, for now, here are a few creative and silly ads from their "Tidy Up" campaign... 



If you're really into IKEA or their Swedish meatballs, be sure to check out their YouTube page for some Swedish cooking videos...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lexus' "Milestones" (again)

   It's been over a month and I am still really enjoying Lexus' hybrid commercial, "Milestones." Enjoy!

2011 Infiniti M

I posted about the brush-stroke (or "sumi-e")-inspired Infiniti commercial back in March, but today I saw a new ad for the 2011 Infiniti M model that is even more beautiful to watch...

      Here it is:

In the past month, I've also seen another picturesque sumi-e ad for Infiniti:

Friday, April 23, 2010

AT+T's "Rethink Possible" commercials

This month, AT+T is airing new commercials for their "Rethink Possible" campaign. (Out of all of them, I've seen "Ripple Effect" the most, but my personal favorite is definitely "Birthday.")

The commercials all have different themes such as voice and data delivery on their 3G Network (Conversations), Universal Broadband (Education: "Just think what would be possible if everyone had high-speed Internet...") and U-verse Total Home DVR (Entertainment).

Here's a two-line summary from
"Our brand promise is to Rethink Possible. But it's more than a slogan - it's the expression of what we stand for. It's what we strive to do every day so you can stay connected to the people and things that matter to you most."

From another landing page with additional info about the campaign:
"Explore, Try, Do. Rethink Possible is a promise to our customers about what they can expect from us and what we can achieve together."


Copy: "Rethink possible. Expand your boundaries of Can. See whats on the other side of Too Far. Play the Angels Advocate. Outsmart Can't. Put a restriction on your limits and expect to be wowed. Explore, try, do. Because, before it could be done, it couldnt. These are indeed amazing times. Rethink Possible."

(My personal favorite, featuring the song "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka)
Video description: "Brings us back to those innocent days of childhood, which knew no boundaries, to remind us of how creativity can be rediscovered."

Other "Rethink Possible" commercials...

"Ripple Effect" (I've seen this one the most on TV)
Super: "Any Second Could Be the Second"
Video description: "You never know which moment will be the moment. AT&T offers the fastest 3G network, so you'll be prepared whenever it comes."

"Spelling Bee"
Super: "Access to the Internet makes us smarter. What will happen when everyone has it? Let's find out."
Video description: "Focuses on our support for Universal Broadband. Just think what would be possible if everyone had high-speed Internet..."

"Walking and Talking"
Super: "There's more to great conversations than talking."
Video description: "Thanks to the simultaneous voice and data delivery on our 3G network, the best conversations can go uninterrupted."

"Entertainment Stoppers"
Super: "Sometimes the living room has to be another room."
Video description: "Thanks to U-verse Total Home DVR, many places can be your happy place."

(All of these ads came from 

Here's a screenshot of

Connect more with AT+T on their Facebook page, and also at and

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gillette - June 6?

Gillette wants you to know that "something even better" is coming on June 6.  
   So what is it?  
      I found out! It's their "Fusion ProGlide" razor.

Watch their new promo ad, "See What's Next," below: 

And here's a screenshot from their website:

From Gillette's press release:

Building on the breakthrough technology in Gillette Fusion, Gillette Fusion ProGlide incorporates a series of unique technologies that address critical areas for a better shave and deliver incredible comfort and performance:

1. Re-engineered Low Cutting Force Blades with 15% thinner, finer edges and our advanced low-resistance coating enabling the blades to cut effortlessly through hair with less tug and pull.

2. A Blade Stabilizer to maintain optimal blade spacing for comfort while allowing the blades to adjust to the contours of a man’s face.

3. A streamlined Snowplow Comfort Guard which channels excess shave prep to help maintain optimal blade contact, stretching the skin for a close, comfortable shave.

4. An Enhanced Lubrastrip™ , 25% larger than before, infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers, enabling the razor to move smoothly over skin even on repeat strokes.

5. An improved Precision Trimmer including an enhanced blade, a comb guard to better align long hairs, and new rinse-through slots.

6. A Redesigned Handle with bigger, more ergonomic grips for better control, enhanced weight and balancing and improved transition between front and back shaving surfaces.

7. An innovative Microcomb, exclusively on Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power, that helps guide hair to the blade.

Carl P. Haney (Vice President, Research + Development, P+G Beauty and Grooming) says,
"We measure our success in the real world, not just in the laboratory... Our deep understanding of men, their emotional motivations, their daily grooming rituals and the physiology of their skin that enables us to deliver meaningful benefits, not technology for technology’s sake."

Kleenex Hand Towels

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the idea of using Kleenex hand towels to dry my hands instead of cloth hand towels but kudos to Kleenex for at least putting the idea in my head!

     Here's their new commercial... what do you think?

Seroquel XR depression commercial

YES! I've been looking for this commercial for ages and I found it today!

  The commercial is for Seroquel XR, a depression medication,
     and the art direction is spot-on (literally and figuratively!)

First two lines of copy:
"When you're living with bipolar depression, it's easy to feel like you're fading into the background.

That's because bipolar depression doesn't just affect you, it can consume you..."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clorox's "Ode to the Commode"

Have you seen Clorox's "Ode to the Commode" commercial?

       I love the visuals!

Check it out...

HP's "Let's Do Amazing" campaign

HP has a new campaign, "Let's Do Amazing," with commercials featuring Rhys Darby from "The Flight of the Conchords," a show on HBO about New Zealanders' adventures in the U.S. I've seen these ads running probably for at least a month...

Here's a summary of the campaign (from HP's YouTube description):
"Over the last few years HP has evolved to become the worlds largest technology company, with the broadest integrated portfolio. We have acquired over 40 companies and greatly expanded our offering. HP's new campaign shows the breadth and depth of this portfolio by shining a light on amazing customer experiences empowered by, and in collaboration with, HP." 

Watch "HP Let's Do Amazing Introduction" below to get a gist of what this campaign is all about...

Here are the 30 second commercials from the "Let's Do Amazing" campaign:

(My favorite! Futuristic bionic arm!)

Tag: "Innovate your business, at"
Video description/quote from ad: "It's a system we developed with HP to get packages on the trucks faster saves a couple million pounds of paper a year."

HP Labs

Tag: "Print from anywhere, to anywhere, at"

Dr. Dre
(For HP Beats Audio... Rhys Darby cracks me up at the end of this one!)

Tag: "Plug into better sound, at"
Video description/quote from ad: "We tore the computer apart and rebuilt it so my music sounds the way its supposed to."

Annie Leibovitz

Tag: "Go from pixels to print, at"

Tag: "Make your dreams work, at"
Tag: "Scale up, scale down, at"
The Venetian

Tag: "Network your world, at"
Video description/quote from ad: "I basically run a city... HP built us this rock-solid network that runs everything you see here." 

Find out even more about the "Let's Do Amazing" campaign in the interview below 
with Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Mendenhall

Mendenhall asks the question, "How do we communicate who we are?"
He explains that it is hard to describe who they are and how they "differentiate." While "some competitors do a lot of talking and some do a lot of thinking," "HP does." The commercials depict the collaborative culture at HP and put "a lens" on their customers, showing what HP has done "to help them, to enable them, and to give them the capabilities to compete today."

Below, you can also see an interview with Rhys Darby about his character in the "Let's Do Amazing" commercials:

Darby talks about the New Zealand mentality of looking up and looking out because they're so isolated, similar to that of HP. The character he plays has an "inquisitive view," Darby says. His character originally thought HP only made printers; he thought HP stood for "have a printer!" Darby says the campaign "opens your eyes to how much they create."

(All of these videos and commercials can be viewed on HP's YouTube page.)

Finally, here are some screenshots from

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Airlines' "Late Nate"

Sometimes, all a commercial needs is a rhyme to get my attention! (A quirky smile at the end and a cute baby in the middle don't hurt either!)

  Today's example: "Late Nate" from American Airlines. (I like this one a lot better than the "Win-Win" commercial.)

(I found this ad on American Airlines' YouTube page.)

Kayak's "Speed Dating"

First it was DSW, now Kayak!
  Seems everyone's on to the dating trend in commercials these days...
     While I'm not as big a fan of "Speed Dating" (below) from as I am of their earlier commercials, I still like the concept... Here you go:

(Found the ad on Kayak's YouTube page.)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hanes' "Future Generations"

First, the ad for Hanes' Better Fitting Socks, now "Future Generations." This one is very funny, too! The expressions on the kids' faces are perfect! Hilarious!

 (I found this ad on Hanes' YouTube page.)

You can connect more with Hanes on and their Facebook page 
and on the "Future Generations" landing page (screenshot below).

DSW Spring commercials!

YES! They're back with even more! And I like the first ad, "Big Value," the best out of the whole bunch!
   Check out DSW's new spring commercials below!

Super: "Shoes and great prices. A perfect match."
Tag: "There are thousands of reasons to love DSW. Prices you'll love is just one of them."

"Dueling Dreams"
Super: "Shoes do come true."
Tag: "There are thousands of reasons to love DSW. Satisfying his or her wildest dreams is one of them."

I found these ads on DSW's YouTube page.
You can also check out their other ads from my older posts,
"Turning Heads" + "Bathroom"  and  "Online Dating" + "Look Better."

Sunday, April 18, 2010's "Good 745" ad

It's that time again (two days after Tax Day) - for an ad that caught my eye at the gym and I just had to look up on YouTube immediately when I got home...

Today's example: "Good 745" from (So much better than their annoying commercials with the singing college grad dude!)

YouTube video description: Production company: Anonymous Content. Director Patrick Sherman points his satirical lens at lackluster credit with brilliant results for Free Credit via The Martin Agency. Shot in an energetic documentary style, Good 745 looks at bad credit through the eyes of a pet owner who was desperate to tame her shaggy, out of control and shamefully low credit score.

So funny!  Enjoy...