Saturday, February 27, 2010


I can't get enough of the "Spoiled Girl" commercial for Cheetos below!  Cracks me up every time!  And "Plane" (also below) is pretty funny too!  Find more ads on Cheetos' YouTube page...

I also like these other ads below...

(Embedding disabled unfortunately)

Ikea's "Performance Review"

(But I still like this one better!)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bud Light Golden Wheat

Here are two ads that have grown on me recently for  Bud Light Golden Wheat...


At first, they couldn't get a smile out of me, but now they actually make me laugh!

Old Spice

By now, most of you have probably seen the new commercial (it aired during the Super Bowl) for Old Spice Red Zone "After Hours" scented body wash... it's called "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like."  I'm not really a huge fan (the guy annoys me and kinda creeps me out), but searching for it led me to find an amusing web ad, as well as two other funnier (and older) Old Spice ads, that I really do like!  Here they are:

web ad:

and Old Spice Centaur (for Live Wire)
(There's also a 30 second version)

And here's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" if you haven't seen it, or actually find it funny...

Thursday, February 25, 2010



I also found a couple other cute commercials featuring other precious pups on Pedigree's YouTube page.
 Enjoy them below: also has a great interactive feature on their website, "Denture Your Dog!"  See my screenshots below:

Want to connect even more with the Pedigree brand?

Visit their Breed Gallery, Facebook page, get some "Dogs Rule" gear,
learn more about Dentastix or download their "Shake and Bark" iPhone app.

York Peppermint Patties

Found the ad I was looking for!

Here's "Venus":


Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Logorama  is a 17-minute short film produced by a French collective called H5 and is nominated for an Oscar this year... it looks awesome!!!

(The whole thing used to be available here, but  the studio requested it be taken down.)

Walmart clown

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sport Stacking?

Who knew stacking cups was a sport?! It's called "Sport Stacking" and Luke Myers (in this ad for the American Egg Board) is phenomenal!  Watch him below...

SportsCenter commercial

I saw this at the gym the other day, and for some reason, I just couldn't stop laughing!! (It's called "Climate Change")

Monday, February 22, 2010

Google ads #3 (Google Chrome continued)

To finish my series on Google's videos, I thought I'd show you more of Google's Chrome shorts... the videos below promote Chrome's features ("a creative take")... Enjoy!

(Again, these were found on the Chrome YouTube page.)

Finally, here's one last fun short I found on the GoogleChromeUK YouTube page...

Google ads #2 (Google Chrome)

I couldn't end my posts on Google with "Search Stories."  Upon further exploration of Google commercials, I came across "Chrome Starts Fast (Pointer)" for Google's Chrome Browser (featuring stop-motion animation). The animated pointer is adorable... great concept!

The Chrome YouTube page (also accessible from additionally features a fantastic series of shorts... 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Finally, here's another commercial I've seen airing on TV for Google Chrome (I really like the music):

See more videos from Chrome in my next post and also on the YouTube page

Google ads #1

I'm often surprised when I see ads from Google... their brand has such a strong loyalty with their users I think. But during the Super Bowl, I saw "Parisian Love" (from the "Search Stories" series of ads) and thought it was a great idea to advertise the search engine.

Also, on Google's "Search Stories" YouTube page, you can find "Newbie," "Cheermobile," "Out of Office," "High School," "Potholes" and "Mad to Live."  See some of these ads below!


"Out of Office"

"High School"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

TruTV (and Troy Polamalu)

Maybe I was confusing the CareerBuilder Super Bowl critter with the groundhog in TruTV's commercial, "'Punxsutawney' Polamalu"  (featuring Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu).

Not sure how the ad really related to NFL Full Contact content on TruTV (here's their YouTube page), but I still thought it was a unique idea. Here's a  behind-the-scenes... 

Hear more about what Troy Polamalu has to say about making the commercial here.

Troy Polamalu was also been featured in a Super Bowl ad from last year for Coke Zero (below):

Finally, you can see Troy Polamalu in commercials for Head and Shoulders, too.

Here's a  behind-the-scenes of that commercial...
(Hear what the original "Mean Joe Green" has to say about the remake here.)

...I really like that for each of the commercials I mentioned in this post, you can find great behind-the-scenes videos!!!

Green Police

Ok people, what's your take on this ad?  Interesting idea, but kind of irritating.  I think, if we do our part, whatever that may be, for the environment, the "Green Police" should just leave us alone...  Below is the ad that Audi ran during the Super Bowl and also some Green Police  PSA's found on their YouTube pageWhat do you think??

Oh, and just to point out, Audi's "Green Police" is not to be confused with this "Green Police" 
(...Something tells me Audi should have come up with a different name????)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More from KGB

A funny KGB Super Bowl commercial, "Sumo" ...even I didn't know the answer to this one!

Here's another funny ad about the phrase "in the hole" (apparently banned from running during the Super Bowl)

Finally, here's "Clown" (luckily not too scary!)

See more ads on KGB's YouTube page.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The ad below for was definitely one of my favorites during the Super Bowl!
(for Valentine's Day...)

See some of their other funny commercials below (found on the Teleflora YouTube page.)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Since his role on Community (the TV show), I have become a fan of Chevy Chase again, and I was excited to see his cameo in's Super Bowl ad, a preview for a short film to appear on on February 7 called  "Hotel Hell Vacation."  (See below...)

And below you'll find the actual mini-movie, followed by a behind-the-scenes 

Defeat the Debt

Although it was not my favorite commercial during the Super Bowl, it was nice to see a different ad than all the rest, starring a younger generation of Americans...

Here's the "Defeat the Debt Pledge" commercial  - found on the Defeat the Debt YouTube page.

Learn more at
(Also, here's a clip from Fox News.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dove For Men

The Super Bowl ads continue... today:  Dove for Men and their commercial, "The Journey to Comfort" (featuring the William Tell Overture, and with the exception of the sex of the characters, it is very similar to the female-oriented ad from KGB). I think it's a good introduction to the brand (the beginning is my favorite!)...

Also airing currently, "Wake Up Your Skin."
(I really like the black and white! And also the copy.)

...I found these commercials on the Dove for Men YouTube page.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Super Bowl ad randomness!

These ads fall into no particular category... just  fish sticks, pants/nudity and video games... or rather, commercials that stood out to me during the game.

Sometimes, I get sick of food commercials that feature a "perfect mom and daughter" duo... but I have to hand it to Mrs. Pauls' fish sticks (made from 100% whole fillets)... this commercial made me smile, and not fast forward:

Now let me ask this question... who decided on the nudity theme for Super Bowl 46?  I approve!!
  Like Career Builder's "Casual Friday,"  Dockers  also "went there" with "Men Without Pants."  Watch below and laugh your pants off!

  As far as video games are concerned, I'm not really into them, but the commercial for "Dante's Inferno 'Go to Hell'" was pretty "hell-ish," if I may say so! I really like watching this ad whenever it's on tv now...

  Finally, while I'm on the subject of video games (and randomness), I thought I'd show you a different ad for BioShock 2 (the launch trailer). Pretty spectacular... check it out below (if over 17).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Ladders

  Since I posted about job site commercials earlier today, I figured (not!) would be a good follow-up post. Last year during the Super Bowl, The Ladders aired "Chairs" and also during 2009, "Little Creatures." Both feature scenes that I would definitely not immediately associate with job hunting! But the recent ad I've seen on the air, "When You Let Everyone Play... Nobody Wins" (I think this ad actually first aired in 2008 but is being played again this year), features a tennis scenario that I think connects to the exclusive job searching site in a better way.
      Below are these three ads, followed by a few funny "Little Creatures" shorts which I found on The Ladders' YouTube page... here ya go!

"When You Let Everyone Play... Nobody Wins"


"Little Creatures"

Super Bowl JOB commercials

Yes, I am STILL going on about this year's Super Bowl ads... 3 day weekends, plus snow and lots of time indoors have given me lots of time to see which ads are still resonating with me... Still stuck in my head - that annoying little  critter, you know, the violinist? Well, actually, it's a fiddle. And what I thought was a groundhog is actually a beaver... See that commercial (and also the more entertaining "Boogeyman" that aired during the AFC championship) below the much funnier three ads from  ("Casual Friday," "Job Fairy" and "Worst Seat."Enjoy!

"Casual Friday" (CareerBuilder)

"Job Fairy" (CareerBuilder)

"Worst Seat" (CareerBuilder)

"Fiddling Beaver" (Monster)

"Boogeyman" (Monster)

One thing does have going for them is the interactive fiddling component, where you can customize your own fiddling beaver video with customizable lyrics and genres... see screenshots of the site below featuring my hip-hop video.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I've seen a few ads for lately, but the Super Bowl ad, "Timothy Richman" (a 60-second spot), is my favorite...

See more ads from and videos Timothy Richman (like "Finding a Bathroom in a Foreign Land" and "How to Impress on Valentine's Day," featured below) on the YouTube page.

Super Bowl CAR commercials

It was about time for a new ad for the Honda Crosstour!
  The colors in this one, "Squirrel," are so vibrant!!

As for Dodge and "Man's Last Stand," I can't figure out if I like the idea of this "man" focus. Below it are "Man Bag" and "We Make Getaway Cars" which I like a lot better. I think the copy in "Man Bag" gets to the point of Dodge being a "man's car" more directly than "Man's Last Stand." And I like inclusion of a strong female character in "We Make Getaway Cars."

See more ads from Dodge on their YouTube page.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bud Light Super Bowl ads

One thing is almost certain: there will be beer ads during the Super Bowl.  And most likely for Budweiser and Bud Light.  This year, some were original, and some just didn't hit my funny bone.

The first ad I think I saw for Bud Light was "Light House"

Wondering how they did that?  Below you'll find a behind the scenes of "Light House"...

I think my personal Bud Light favorite was "Voice Box - T-Pain"

I also liked "Asteroid"

Also airing during the game:  "Stranded," "Book Club," "Select 55 - Ice Bottle" and "Michelob Ultra - Little Bumps" (with Lance Armstrong).  Those weren't really up my alley...

However, "Budweiser Bridge" made me do a double take! Watch below:

And what about the Clydesdales? Here's "Clydesdale Fence"...

Finally, I don't think it aired during the Super Bowl, but I had to include again the amusing "Clothing Drive" below.

(I found this one and most the ads above on Bud Light's YouTube page.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Way to go Super Bowl Snickers commercial, "Game" (featuring Betty White)!

   But you know what, the ad that aired later with Aretha Franklin and Liza Minnelli, "Road Trip"  is even better!

        Enjoy them both below!!!


"Road Trip"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coca Cola, plain and simple

You gotta hand it to Coke. They always make me smile during the Super Bowl! This year it was "Sleepwalker"  (amazing art direction... it would have been awesome to be there while shooting!)

Of course Simpsons fans probably also loved "Hard Times."  Coke always brings the creativity.  How can you forget "Heist" (below) from last year??

Also airing currently, "Snowball," promoting the Olympics. I'm a fan of this one, too!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2010

I don't know why more companies haven't jumped on the user-generated Super Bowl ads bandwagon like Doritos and their "Crash The Super Bowl" campaign...

This year, my favorite was definitely "Snack Attack Samurai"

 "Underdog" would have to be my second favorite:

 ...See more commercials from "Crash the Super Bowl" winners and finalists like "House Rules" and "Casket" on the YouTube page.

"Mouse Trap" is still my ultimate favorite from the past years!

Finally, the following three competitors didn't make it on the air, but I thought they were great! Here's "Balloon Boy," "The Smackout" and "Kids These Days"