Sunday, June 6, 2010


My favorite iPhone app right now?? 

If you can't remember to take that one
pill or those ten different medications
that drive you crazy, this app is for you! 

Using Apple's Push Notification System (you need a network connection to use this app), the app keeps track of your prescriptions and sends you simple reminder alerts. Seriously, it's that easy!

You can try free before you buy (full version $3.99) and when you do, you'll see how simple this application is... I really don't know how someone didn't come up with this before? 


  • First and only iPhone App available for prescription reminders
  • Keeps detailed history of your prescription reminders
  • Your privacy is protected, no prescription information is EVER transmitted
  • Five different types of prescription reminders to choose from - from daily, to weekly, monthly, even on specific dates
  • Link all your prescriptions to reminders - keep track of everything
  • Ability to snooze and get another alert in the future
(Screenshots below.)
Like what you see?'s the link to DOWNLOAD!

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