Monday, November 30, 2009

Samsung's Vibration Reduction Technology

Also back in October, I posted about Samsung's DualView Digital Camera and mentioned an ad I liked for a Samsung washing machine with Vibration Reduction Technology.  Well, I found it too! 
   Here ya go...

Amazon Kindle

There is a new ad out for the Amazon Kindle, but I didn't know what the ad was for until the very end. I thought the ad could have had a bit more to do with reading, but the art direction is so beautiful and interesting that I felt I should post it for everyone else to enjoy...

(Song - "Fly Me Away," sung by Annie Little who also stars in the ad.)

Brad Garrett for 7Up

Back in October, I mentioned an ad I liked featuring Brad Garrett for 7Up... found it! Here it is...

There's another spot running too, view it here.

Swiffer ads - Love 'em or Hate 'em

Love the product, hate the ads? No, not Head-On... Swiffer! Seems like there are a lot of people out there with strong opinions about Swiffer's recent commercials featuring the songs "Love Stinks" and "Baby Come Back."

But you know what... I don't love em or hate em, I like them! So I thought I'd post a few... my favorite is the one where the old mop has nightmares about the new Swiffer (to "Love Stinks"), but since I can't find it, here's another "Love Stinks" Swiffer ad I like for the Swiffer Sweeper Vac

And here are some spots featuring the song "Baby Come Back" (not the best quality...)

Swiffer WetJet ads (12)

Finally, I also liked "Bartender" (below), featured on Swiffer's "Break-up" YouTube page.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Geico, it's been a while

Didn't like the cavemen, the lizard grew on me and so did the "money you'd be saving with Geico" (and its crazy eyes "watching you").
    I saw the "Basketball" spot the other day and it made me laugh, so I thought I'd post it for you to laugh at too!

I also like "Roofers," below.

And finally, every once in a while the gecko manages to get a smile out of me. Today's example, "Gecko Meets the Frog Prince" (promoting Disney's new movie, The Princess and the Frog.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bailey's holiday coffee commercial

Agh! So it officially drives me crazy when I can't find an ad I like online... there's a new holiday-themed ad for Bailey's liquor featuring coffee that is stunning to watch...  
  The red of the holiday season, the dark coffee, the beige liquor and the golden brown swirls as the two liquids blend together in a glass cup are all beautiful together. (Will post when found!) Until then, I give you other Bailey's commercials also with great art direction... mmm!

I also like these ads: Truth or Dare, ice sculptures and a Christmas version of the first "Coffee" ad above.


Sometimes I get annoyed when I see ads that all look the same. But other times, I enjoy being surprised when I see a commercial and I think I know what company it's for and then it's a logo of a totally unexpected company pops up at the end. 
Today's example: JCPenney and a commercial for De Beers' Everlon Diamond Knot Collection.

I love the mellow version of Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" and the snow. Charming.
This commercial was featured in Adweek's "Ad of the Day" post on November 4 (ad agency: JWT).

I was pleasantly surprised also to find out that JCPenney has a YouTube page with other ads for the company. I enjoyed "Eyes of a Child" and the short movie "Return to the Doghouse" and as well (both posted below).

Finally, I thought I'd post two ads for bedding and kids' clothes from JCPenney. 
(They're simple and fun and the kinds of ads that wouldn't make me fast-forward... enjoy!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Downy's "Softer World"

Downy has an ad running (for Ultra Downy) called "Softer World" (below) that makes me feel all snuggly inside... and I think that's their intention. Don't we all wish we could wear our pajamas or a Slanket on errands or on the airplane or even at work?? I do...

Copy (and super): "Maybe we could all use... a little more softness."  
 More copy: With Ultra Downy, you're surrounded by softness. The kind you just can't get from detergent alone.  
                    Ultra Downy, Feel More." 

I also like "Feel More Connected," below (which can be found on Downy's commercial YouTube page)...

Although I really like the first spot for Ultra Downy, there's another ad out there called "Emotional Baggage" that drives me crazy. I think the copy is obvious and irritating. (This ad can also be found on Downy's commercial section of their website; this commercial is called "Simple Pleasures" on that site.)

   On the other hand, when searching YouTube for Downy ads, I also found a Spanish (maybe Portuguese?) ad for "Scent Longetivity" that I did enjoy. See below: 

   All things considered, I must say that all the ads shown above show significant progress in advertising campaigns from Downy when compared to the two spots from the 80's I found on The Museum of Classic Chicago Television's YouTube page, "80's Teen" and "Dry My Dinosaur" (both for the "April Fresh" scent). See more not-so-great and also great ads and blasts from the past on that YouTube page and also on the Museum's homepage.

Clorox / Mad Men / Liquid Plumr

Just when I think "oh I shouldn't post about this ad, I can't find it yet," I look for it and discover another ad I like! 
   Last night I saw an ad for Liquid Plumr's Foaming Pipe Snake cleaner (with lots of little foamy plumbers cleaning and scrubbing a drain or pipe) but I couldn't find it online. I went to the Liquid Plumr website and to its Media Room but there were no ads on it (just a message that said "Check back later for new commercials.) Then, after finding out how to use the pipe snake and having no luck on the Clorox Professional website, I went to There I found their Media Center
   Out of the ads posted on the Clorox Media Center site, my favorite was the ad below, inspired by Mad Men.

Copy/Super: "Getting ad guys out of hot water for generations." 

Other ads I enjoyed from Clorox's Media Center are "Reverse the Stain" and "Rides." "Rides" actually led me to YouTube to search for some other similar ads I had seen from Clorox. I found "Mermaid" and "Pirates," posted below...

Monday, November 23, 2009 for the holidays

Bing Search Overload Syndrome (for goes Christmas with "Santa" below...

and for Halloween, "Vampire Decision Engine"
lastly, I also like "Haunted Hotel"...

3 Musketeers Mint

I'm a big fan of  3 Musketeers Mint and in general, I like the concept of the 3 Musketeers commercials with the floating candy bars, so I thought I'd post the ad I saw for the Mint variation recently... it's called "Mani-Pedi."

See this commercial, and also "Perfect Match," on the commercial page on 3 Musketeers' website
  (You can also see a commercial for 3 Musketeers from the 1980s on The Museum of Classic Chicago Television's YouTube page.)

Digornio's Ultimate Toppings

    There's a new ad out for Digiorno and their "Ultimate Toppings" pizzas, still with the same tagline: "It's Not Delivery, It's Digiorno" (one of my favorite taglines out there), and I think it's pretty funny! Keep a look out for it because I can't find it yet... 
     Basically, a man puts a Digiorno pizza on his coffee table at a party and the toppings are so heavy that the pizza drops through the table, through the floor and down to the apartment below where two boys are waiting for their delivery pizza. They don't want to give it back. The back and forth between the boys and the man upstairs cracks me up!
     You can see some other, older ads from Digiorno on the advertising section of their website. And if you want to know more about the "Ultimate Toppings" variety of the pizza brand on the Kraft Foods website and find a yummy review here. The first screenshot below is of their website and of course they've got a Twitter page too (the second screenshot below.)

Who peed?

Before I got into copywriting, I always thought it would be fun to name products/businesses. 
 Sometimes I see a name of a product or business and I just get the giggles like crazy! 

Today's example: 


Visit their website here. Here's a screenshot...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Duracell bunnies?

Have you seen this one?  
Duracell's "Bunnies"  
(...a great jab at Energizer!)


This spot is yet another of my favorites from Dunkin Donuts that tells people about all the change they'll be able to save when they purchase from their new 99 cent "Add-on menu." I like the slogan, "Breakfast, not Brokefast" and the variation on their usual tagline ("America runs on Dunkin"), "America saves on Dunkin'." 

     Here's "Piggy"...


See more videos and commercials from Dunkin Donuts on their YouTube page. 

   You can also have some fun creating your own delicious donut on their website, here (See mine below!!! MMM, cake dough with bananas foster filling, peanut butter icing and crumbled Reese's peanut butter cups and Reese's Pieces on top!!!!!!! When you're finished, you can download, post to Facebook, send to a friend and print your mouth-watering creation. And watch a run-down of the "Create Dunkin's Next Donut" contest "bake-off" that probably inspired this site here.)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Best Buy carolers

I'm sure by now, most of you have seen at least one of the recent Best Buy has ads in a series of holiday carols sung by employees. I wasn't a fan at first but they're starting to get stuck in my head and after listening to the smart lyrics a few times, I don't mind so much anymore! Below are my two favorites. Good job Best Buy... 

 Here's "Three Computers"
and here's "True Blood DVD's"

See other commercials from the series here (such as: "Gibson Guitar," "Insignia BluRay," "Napster Gift Card," "Sony Reader," "PS3," "Satellite Radio," "Nintendo Wii," and "Beats by Dr. Dre headphones").

And you can watch "The Gift of Song" auditions and other clips from Best Buy on their YouTube page.

Bissell - "Perfect For You"

One of the reasons I started this blog in the first place was not only because I love ads, but because I truly enjoy seeing great, unexpected commercials from companies I sometimes forget our out there.

Today's second example (in addition to Yellowbook), Bissell vacuums and the brand's two latest ads for their "ProLite" model and also for the "Pet Hair Eraser" and "Lift-Off."  I think the concept is imaginative, unusual and entertaining.  Enjoy!

Find more videos from Bissell on their YouTube page.

Friday, November 20, 2009

"The Moment You Need It"

I know an ad has some kind of potential when I'm at the gym and I see an ad I want to search for on YouTube when I get home. I don't hear any sound, I don't even need to see any captions... it just strikes me or maybe it even gets a giggle out of me. Today's example: "Animal Hospital" from Yellowbook.

This ad cracks me up every single time. (I must admit, it's not a difficult feat!) The key search word in "Animal Hospital" is "Lawyers." The ad is part of a campaign by Yellowbook ("Yellowbook Moments") with themes many people can relate to. The ads are all based on some of Yellowbook's most common search entries (see their Press Release, "A 'Yellowbook Moment Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere. Yellowbook's New Multi-Media Ad Campgain Comes to the Rescue!" here). The ads launched in June of this year and were directed by Steve Miller. 
      The voiceover summary at the end of each spot: "Get the information you need online, on your mobile, or in the book. The moment you need it…Yellowbook it."

Here are some other spots from the Yellowbook campaign: 

"Sludge Bath" for "Plumbers"

"Solar Panel" for "Roof Repair"

and "Clumsy Husband" for "Life Insurance"

There's also  "Costume Party" for "Locksmiths." 
    And finally, check out some true "homadge" to David Carradine in a older spot from Yellowbook below...

Kleenex - "Get Mommed"

The ad, "Homecoming" from Kleenex (about the "Get Mommed" campaign -, made me raise an eyebrow. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first but it's grown on me! Copy: "Try out a few different moms and get all extra mothering you need the this cold and flu season. The Kleenex 'virtual moms' at GetMommed dot com."

You can see videos of the "virtual moms" on the "Get Mommed" website and on the YouTube page
Here are some screenshots from

Taylor Swift for Band Hero

I'll admit it, (ok I've already admitted it!), I'm a huge dork and I really like Taylor Swift as a country singer (and a good handful of her songs, especially "Love Story.") So when I saw the ad below for Band Hero, I thought it would be her dancing in a white button down shirt like Tom Cruise... but then out come Travis Barker and some other guys who play background music for Taylor Swift as she performs "Love Story" in front of a crowd of fans...  

   Unexpected and fun!! 

You can see a behind-the-scenes of the Taylor Swift commercial here and more Band Hero videos on the Guitar Hero YouTube page.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go Ho Ho Gap!

Wow! Gap really goes the distance during the holiday season, this year with their newest commercial, "Go Ho Ho" (by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, below). Sometimes I think dance sequences are unnecessary (or just weird) in ads but Gap routines are almost always awesome.

     This ad directs you to where you can send personalized greeting cards with different dance routines. You can even buy the clothes you see on the dancers at Gap's website (Click on "Shop the TV Spots"). You can see more "Cheer" from Gap on their YouTube page.

     Also on the YouTube page, under the "Cheer Off" section, you can find videos from Gap stores across the country competing for one out of 25 spots for the most viewed "Cheer" video (deadline Nov. 27). Those 25 stores will win a party for their store. Looks like Gap put a lot of thought into this one!

     Below, you'll find screenshots of, Gap's Facebook page and Gap's "Style Mixer" iPhone app...


Warm and fuzzy holiday spots

There are always some holiday spots that pull at your heart strings... Here are four of my favorites from last year...

Two from Hallmark (the first for motion-activated gift bags with sound and the second for recordable holiday cards)

3M (I really like the voiceover and the choice of music)

Campbell's (Ever since the melting snowman soup ads, they usually don't fail to produce a charming holiday ad in the winter season. Last year the ad below featured making "holiday magic" with the popular Green Bean Casserole.)

Holiday ads - some old favorites

You can't go wrong with a Hershey's kisses ad
   Every year, I enjoy this commercial more and more...

Also, Rice Krispies' commercials (especially the black+white ones with a few dabbles of color) always make me smile. 
Here's a holiday ad from last year...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday food ads!

Why is Thanksgiving my favorite holiday? The food!  
  Here are my four favorite food ads that I've seen running this November.

Swanson's "Running Turkey"

Ritz (Tag: "Open for fun")  
I always like the use of the cracker shapes in ads from Ritz, especially in this party scene.

Betty Crocker - the first for sugar cookies, simple and fun! 

and the second, "Busted," funny son and dad...

Unexpected holiday ads

When it comes to holiday commercials, it's nice to see some thinking out of the box. Here are some ads from last year from companies that decided to be a bit different this time around and stand out from the crowd:

Kohls (really like the art direction)

Payless (I almost always like ads from Payless!)

UPS ("your guardian angel")

Glade (scented oil candles, humorous and uncomplicated)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Radio Shack's holiday ads (now, "The Shack")

Radio Shack (now also called "The Shack" - see links to commentary on the rebranding at end of post) has a bunch of different holiday ads running right now, but below are my favorite three - "Lit Up," "Product Tree Farm" and "Sugar Plum Faires." (You can find them all on Radio Shack's YouTube page.)

Other fun ads: "Holiday in Phonelandia," based on the original "Phonelandia" spot, and "Pez" (not working lately for some reason.) Some commentary about "The Shack" rebranding: PC World, Engadget, Electronista, CrunchGear and "Branding and Marketing". And, two commercials about the new name: "Thumb" and "Camera Trick."  ...Find out more about Radio Shack on their corporate website.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"There's a map for that" - Holiday edition

        Holiday commercials I like from Verizon this season...

I'm a big fan of all three ads... But I have to say that at first, I thought Verizon was going to get a lot of flack for the "There's a map for that" line (making fun of Apple's "There's an app for that"). Personally, I think it's very clever.

Find more commercials and videos from Verizon on their YouTube page (where you can also find ads for and videos of the new DROID phone). And find more Christmas themed commercials on this Christmas ads YouTube page.

Holiday commercials (a start!)

It's almost Thanksgiving, and you know what that means... holiday commercials are already here! There will definitely be a few more holiday commercial posts to come in the next few weeks but my ultimate favorite so far is one for Walmart (it aired last year too), to the song "We Need a Little Christmas." I love seeing happy kids, especially that look of surprise on the girl's face at the end... Enjoy!

I haven't been a huge fan of many of Walmart's ads that have been running lately about saving money, but the spot below, "Little Things," made me sniffle a little (that means I liked it... and that I'm a huge cheeseball).

See more ads from Walmart on their YouTube page.

    I'll close with an ad for Target that I thought was for Thanksgiving but I guess it works for the holidays too... sugary, but not too sweet!

See more commercials and other videos from Target on their YouTube page.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ciara "Works" it for Verizon

Today's featured celebrity cameo: Ciara for Verizon and the new LG Chocolate Touch mobile phone. 
      Good concept, good casting, I watch the ad whenever I hear the song ("Work").  

Here ya go...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I asked my friend the other day, "why are you growing a mustache?" And his answer was totally unexpected! "To support prostate cancer research. It's called Movember!" he said. ("Mo" is apparently slang for a stache.) So I took to the web to look it up (screenshot of the homepage at the end of this post)...

The campaign started in 2003 in Austalia. And there's a Movember Foundation. 
Their goal: "Movember aims to change these attitudes and make men's health fun by putting the Mo back on the face of fashion and in the process raise some serious funds for prostate and testicular cancer" (from the Movember Foundation's website). Want to participate next year? Here are the Movember Foundation's steps:
  1. REGISTER at in October and we will email you everything you need to get started
  2. CREATE a new look by grooming your moustache starting Movember 1st clean shaven
  3. MOTIVATE your friends and family to donate and support your growing efforts
  4. CELEBRATE your journey at the moustache themed end of Movember Gala Parté
Here's a quick summary of the campaign (a promo video from this year),
found on Movember's YouTube page:

And here's a global promotion from 2008:
This is an international movement!! 
See a starting shave off in Ireland here! And Australia's VB Kangaroos' support here!
Here's a promotional Movember video for the U.S. from 2007...

Movember also has a couple viral videos out (haven't seen them on tv yet),
(See the second below!)

Now you know why you've been seeing so many men lately rockin the lip ticklers, the flavor savers, the cookie dusters and the Burt Reynolds (or whatever you wanna call it!) 

...For more information about Movember, visit the campaign website!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ellen Page Cisco commercial spots

I saw a new ad for Cisco's Human Network tonight featuring Ellen Page. It's called "The Doctor Is In" and it's part of a new campaign that I think started earlier this month. The tag: "See it, Live it, Share it." Other commercials in the campaign include "Field Trip" (about video conferencing for educational purposes) and "Town Hall" (about video surveillance). I like these two ads better than the doctor spot. Watch them both below...

I found these ads on Cisco's Business Videos YouTube page and also in their online Video Lounge.

Another ad I came across in the Video Lounge was "The Shortest Commute." 
I really like the family feel in this one (below and also in a 30 sec. version).

Other ads on the Business Video YouTube page include one about "Telemedicine," where the hospital can come to you, and another about video surveillance for schools.

Find out more about the Human Network and using Cisco's technology in Health Care, for collaborative purposes and for public safety here on the Human Network video webpage.

Lastly, here's a screenshot of Cisco's website featuring Ellen Page: