Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kahlua: "Explore Your Curiosity"

I'm not going to lie. There are ads out there that drive me nuts. Liquor ads are no exception. But recently, I've been seeing some ads from Kahlua for a campaign with the tag, "Explore Your Curiosity." 
  I really like "Kings" (posted below) because it's quick, it's distinctive and I think it represents the tag and brand very clearly.

I think these ads (there's also "Horn," "Technology," "Doorbell" and "Taxi" (featured below) have been running for about a year but they catch my attention whenever I see them. "Taxi"'s tagline is "Enjoy Your Curious Life Responsibly."

Visit Kahlua's "Explore Your Curiosity"-themed homepage and there you'll find recipes (there you can take the "Kahlua Challenge"), party tips (exit strategies, clean-up help, game ideas and toasting advice), Kahlua culture (where you can find print and tv ads) and even customizable Kahlua gift labels.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Subaru sunglasses commercial

An ad I like... it's that simple!
 From Subaru, "Lost Sunglasses" (for the Outback model). 
   I like the music, the casting (and the acting), the copy and the tag/theme, "Love the road you're on."

Also airing in association with the campaign, "Reverse Clean Up," "Hero" and "Reversal of Fortune." 
I've also seen the "Curvy Road" and "Sheets" ads for the Subaru Legacy featuring the tagline, "Feel the Love."

For some extra fun, visit the Subaru Outback Detergent landing page and Subaru's YouTube page.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U-Haul - Who'da thunk?

There's always someone moving in and out of our apartment complex. So there's always a white and red-orange U-Haul truck parked somewhere in our parking lot. Recently though, I noticed what I thought was a lime green jello graphic plastered across one of the vehicles. I thought to myself, that's a much friendlier icon to associate with moving than a nasty old beaten up moving box covered in masking tape (I've moved a lot if you can't tell).

So I took to the Internet to visit There, I found out about U-Haul SuperGraphics®, a program created to educate the communities U-Haul serves. SuperGraphics spreads exciting information about one locale to another, across the United States and Canada. What I thought was jiggly jello was actually an underwater coral garden in Texas (graphics at the end of the post). It's part of the "Venture Across America" series of SuperGraphics.

In my home state of Virginia, you can find Cape Charles' meteorite crater. Visit U-Haul's SuperGraphics website to see more states' sites and graphics. Good job catching my attention U-Haul! (You can also get memorabilia here...)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trident Layers (more gum!)

So if you've read some of my posts before, you know I really like gum! And there's a new one out there...  Trident Layers.

The gum itself is not that good actually; the flavor doesn't last very long and the consistency is weird, but I like the new ad! 

  The camera work, the comedic timing and the utility worker at the end make me smile... enjoy!


I like this ad ("Babysitter") better than some of Trident's "A Little Piece of Happy" ads I've seen before such as "Daisy," "Go Dad" and "Party Blower." Yawn. See the new packaging below and find out more on Trident's homepage about the new flavors, Strawberry Citrus and Apple Pineapple. (Also find more clips on Trident's YouTube page.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

First "Ad I Don't Like" post

There will be no hyperlinks, no shout-outs, no smiley faces... This is my first "Ad I Don't Like" post.

I never liked the ads for DIRECTV, taking scenes from old movies and using the actors and actresses to refilm scenes promoting their services. Tommy Boy is one of my favorite movies of all time. DIRECTV's latest commercial is pure sacrilege. I can't believe David Spade signed on to do it in the first place.  

Rest in peace, Chris Farley.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A car ad for "Everyone" and "They"

Sometimes car commercials all just blend themselves into on big blur when I'm watching live television (as opposed to fast forwarding through my recorded programs). 

But the other day, I saw the first of the two ads below for Chevy Malibu (I found the second when I searched on YouTube) and I said to myself, "here's something different." The ads get in all the must-mentions, the usual car jargon and comparisons to other manufactuers (Toyota and Honda), the big celeb (Howie Long), the website ( and of course the legalese... but the premise is different and it's quirky. I like quirky. Enjoy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

"I put that $#%^ on everything!"

If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with hot sauce. And when I can't decided between the wide range in my cabinet, Franks is usually what I reach for. Why?
Cause "I put that $#%^ on everything!" (Just like their radio spots advertise.)
I don't listen to the radio very often but yesterday I heard "Wedding Shower" (featuring the main character, Ethel) and I think it's still got some kick left. I also like "Dance Class." And you know what else I like? A quick and simple, good 'ol Flash ad. Sometimes it drives me nuts when they involuntarily take over your screen, but the one on Frank's landing page was so quick, I didn't even mind.
Check out the screen shots below of the initial Flash ad takeover and then the main page that you'll find underneath the splatter...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not the Commercial, but the Product

I know, I know... this blog is for ADS I like. But you know what? A good ad tells me about a good product. And here's a good product: Samsung's DualView Digital Camera. Here's the new ad:

Number one problem I have with my camera? Taking a picture of myself when I'm in a group with my friends; I reach my arm around awkwardly and someone's face always gets cut off. With the 1.5 inch LCD screen on the front of the camera (in addition to the 3 inch LCD touchscreen on the back), the problem's solved! And I love the idea of the cartoon clown or birdie to get the baby's attention and make it smile. Although I'm not a fan of the ad itself (the gorilla is super cheesy and clowns tend to creep me out), the commercial shows what the camera can do and introduces the product to viewers. Just wanted to share with you!

You can find out more about the camera on Samsung's YouTube channel and through the demonstration video below from the brand. (And here's another quick product demo video if you'd like to see more. Looking for a review? ...Here ya go!)

Recently, I saw an ad from Samsung that I actually really did enjoy for one of their new washing machines, with vibration reduction technology. It starts off with a boy stacking his toys into a high tower on top of a washing machine. The camera zooms in on the washing machine controls and then focuses in on the barrel in action while the tower maintains in tact. (I'll post a video of the commercial when I can find it online. In the meantime, look for it on the tube.) Another stunning piece of technology from Samsung.

Overall, Samsung is one of my favorite brands of electronics. My cell phone is a Samsung FlipShot and I don't see myself replacing it anytime soon. Surprisingly though, it seems like their ads are hit or miss...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Droid Does

I'm going to make this post short and sweet... just like the ad I'm about to discuss.

 It's called "iDon't" or "Droid Does" (promoting and the Droid by Verizon)

Why does this ad work in my opinion? I've seen it at least 5 times and every single time, my head turns to the tv screen. The catchy Apple commercial-like music always grabs my attention; the clean white screen and simple black text always makes me read the copy. And the very first time I saw it, I went to the landing page. Success in my book. Nuff said.

Read more about the Droid at CNN, Engadget, PCWorld, Technologizer, TechCrunch and Electronista.

Monday, October 19, 2009

You gotta look at something when you're in traffic...

If you live or work near Tysons Corner, you know Route 7 is a mess (and "mess" is a gross understatement). Stuck in traffic on my way home to let the dog out during lunch, waiting kindly for other cars to merge in front of me as one lane was closed for construction (just have to grin and bear it), I noticed a mobile LED billboard to my right by Street Scene Media.

Unlike the irritating construction warning signs that (much to my chagrin) I have recently seen used to advertise used car promotions and discounts, this billboard was not blatantly shouting at me, distracting me while driving. It was simply something to look at out of my window while I was stuck in traffic. Hopefully some local businesses will use this simple and innovative advertising method to their advantage and make some profit.

Cue cheesy YouTube video to appear immediately (note the correct spelling of "immediately" here) below...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"A Company of Beer Geeks"

Only after living in Boston and befriending a "beer geek," a homebrewer and a headbrewer at Boston Beer Works, did I really start to appreciate good beer. One of my favorite beers is Samuel Adams White Ale.

The other day, I saw an ad for Samuel Adams (called "Happy Employees") that instantly rang a "ding, that's going on my blog!" bell in my head. It's a passionate commercial about believing in what you do and how many people that work for the company do so because they simply "love beer." Apparently alll of the employees at one point or another have to actually learn how to brew beer. The tagline: "Take pride in your beer." The main gist of the commercial in my mind, as Jim Koch (founder and brewer) says, "Happy employees make better beer."


You can download the commercial here and other commercials from the brand on their website here. I took a little extra time to explore and found many paths to wander around including the World of Beer section (screen shot below) where you can take a tour of the Samuel Adams brewery (which doesn't look like it's up and runnning yet), find out about all the different types of Samuel Adams beers, learn more about beer terminology in general and find out how to pair your favorite beer with your next meal. Bon appetit!

7Up, A Bubbly Come Back?

It's been a while since I've seen a new 7Up commercial. Then, tonight during Simpsons, there was Brad Garrett of all people on my television screen bubbly and jolly, dancing on city streets with a big, cheesy smile on his face. Looks like someone finally got a solid gig. And, it looks like a re-branding is in the works. So far, no video to be found online but I'll be sure to post it when I can find it somewhere... it's actually pretty funny.

Until then, I found two articles about this new ad: one from Brandweek, "7Up Ups Ad Budget" and another from PRNewswire, "7Up Lightens Up with 'Ridiculously Bubbly' Advertising Campaign." 

The tag of the new campaign is "Ridiculously Bubbly," (just a sip can make an unhappy person happy) which makes usually serious Brad Garrett a pretty obvious choice for one of the ads. According to the first article, this is the first big push of new ads for 7Up in a long time (three years actually). Next up for the brand - a pomegranate flavor sometimes soon and new, more modern packaging in 2010. Other actors that have been featured in 7Up ads in the past: Kelsey Grammar, Gene Simmons and comedian Godfrey.

This campaign was created by Y&R San Francisco (PRNewswire) and started airing on Monday, October 12. Apparently, it will continue into 2010 and will even more celebrity curmudgeons.

One thing I'd like to see? A new bubbly website to go along with the new ad campaign? isn't very exciting...  

A funny final note? Brad Garrett dropped out of college 25 years ago to be in a 7Up commercial (

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Progresso's "Mixed Signals"

Progresso's "Mixed Signals" is one of my new favorite ads. Check it out on their website, "Married Couple" is also funny. Here's the copy for "Mixed Signals"... 

WOMAN: Ring ring. Ring ring.
CHEF: (Answers can phone.) Progresso?
WOMAN: This guy in my office just asked me to marry him.
CHEF: Oh! Congratulations
WOMAN: Well he didn't actually ask me to marry him yet. But he did give me a bowl of soup. Your Italian Wedding. See what I'm saying? WEDDING.
CHEF: Yeah it's our reduced sodium soup. 
WOMAN: Yeah reduced sodium. So that means he wants me to live in his arms forever. This is so crazy. Is this crazy? Yeah, it's crazy. But it's like a good crazy. Listen. (Puts can phone up to her heart.) Did you hear that?
CHEF: You sound like a girl in love. 
WOMAN: You wanna hear my baby names? Ana,  Anne, Ann Marie, Arthur...  
CHEF: Yeah, I got a few minutes... (Hangs up can phone as if to put it on hold while the woman babbles on with baby names.) 
VO: Progresso. You gotta taste this soup.

-- Just a little side note -- I really like it when companies like Progresso and Samuel Adams post commercials on their websites to download. More often than not, it tends to make me a bigger fan of their brands and probably more likely to consume their products. (Below are "Mixed Signals" and "Married Couple" which I found on YouTube... their titles are wrong, but enjoy!) 

"Don't Take Chances. Take Charge."

After having discussed the new campaigns from Microsoft (Bing) and Yahoo!, I thought Visa might be feeling a little lonely without a credit card campaign partner to which it could be compared. So let me tell you a bit more about "Don't Take Chances. Take Charge." 

Sometimes I like to judge the success of an ad based upon whether or not it holds my attention with the mute button on... Today's award goes to the ad below from American Express. Again, the tagline is: "Don't Take Chances. Take Charge."

COPY: "Sometimes the little things in life feel like our biggest enemies. They can be damaged (stove turns on). They can be stolen (empty clothes hanger swings). Happily, (happy iron lights up and steams) there's the American Express charge card. If something you recently bought with the card breaks, it can be repaired (happy chair), replaced (happy headphones) or your account can be credited. You'll even get membership reward points with each purchase. And peace of mind when you travel (happy airport luggage conveyor belt). Can your card say that?" (Super: DON'T TAKE CHANCES. TAKE CHARGE. TAKECHARGE.COM. 60 seconds.)

To me, this ad isn't all about the art direction. The music is calm and soothing, like a hot bath. The voice is friendly, like a reassuring hand on your shoulder. I like this ad because I feel like it represents my attitude towards my American Express card. When I want to earn points, this is the card I reach for. When I want a card I can trust, this is the card I reach for. If I have a dispute over a charge on my American Express, I never hesitate to call customer service. This is a brand I trust.

According to Forbes, the campaign was created by Ogilvy and Mather and started running on September 1 of this year. This is the first campaign for the Charge Card from American Express since 2002. The campaign will reach out past television to radio, print and online advertising (BusinessWire).

But where did the theme of TAKING CHARGE come from then? In the words of American Express' VP of Global Advertising, Deborah Curtis, "Coming out of these tough economic times, we need refocus on our customers and give them a sense of greater control" (Forbes).

Jud Linville, C.E.O. and president of Consumer Services at American Express summed it up, "Consumers want to take charge of their finances and the Charge Card can help them do exactly that." Linville also commented, “the Charge Card has always been a smart way to pay, and that’s particularly true during these difficult economic times when consumers are looking to spend less, save more and get the most value for their money” (BusinessWire).

I recommend taking a minute to check out American Express' landing page for this campaign, and do some exploration of your own to learn more. I'll close with a few screen shots: 

The Fun Theory

Sometimes viral videos from your parents drive you crazy, but this was was too cool not to share!

Such a great idea! I wish I could play on those stairs!!

(It comes from VW's, "dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or something entirely different, just so long as it’s change for the better.")

Friday, October 16, 2009

DOMO 7-Eleven invasion!

If you've driven by a 7-Eleven store lately, you've probably seen Domo and ads for coffee for 99 cents... But do you know Domo?

I am always thrilled when any part of Japanese culture comes roaring into the U.S. So let me share a quick roundup of this campaign with you!

First off, the basics: Domo is the mascot of Japan's NHK television station (NHK= Nippon Hoso Kyokai= Japan Broadcasting Corporation). NHK airs 30-second Domo videos during regular programming for station identification and recognition. This character was created by Japanese illustrator Tsuneo Goda. Domo can be found in many places, especially all over Flickr where users post viral pics of Domo-kun on a daily basis.  ("Kun" is a suffix used after the first names of young males in Japan.) 

A little more about Domo: He's brown and furry. He was born from an egg. He loves meat and stew but hates apples. He passes gas when nervous or agitated. He communicates through low pitched noises that only his friends understand. He lives in a cave with Mr. Usaji, a wise old rabbit and a mother and baby bat. Tashanna the teenage weasel is also a good friend of Domo and a main character in his sketches. Domo is also good friends with Kogumaguro (a young bear), Hee and Haw (twin pixies), an eerie ghost, a big hungry bear and a trio of foxes.

So here are the campaign details: 7-Eleven's Domo campaign started on October 1 of this year. Here's a screenshot from

Not only has coffee been transformed by Domo but so has 7-Eleven's "Big Bite" hot dogs. And 7-Eleven also has Domo Slurpees featuring an ironic Fuji Frost flavor (since Domo has a distaste for apples!) by Fanta and collectible cups and straws to keep customers coming back for more. Go into a 7-Eleven store and you'll realize that Domo is really all over the place. He's impossible to miss!! (Here's a link with pictures of more signage and packaging.)

The marketing company behind Domo is Big Tent Entertainment who helped negotiate the campaign with 7-Eleven. Big Tent Chief Executive Officer Rich Collins said, “Because Domo has such a hugely devoted, cult-like following among kids, teens and young adults, we believe he's a perfect match for 7-Eleven and its iconic Slurpee brand... 7-Eleven has created some very cool collectible items that will have Domo fans and Slurpee drinkers alike coming back for more.” (quote taken from the Anime News Network's September 29, 2009 news release, "7-Eleven Stores Face Total Domo-Nation").

Here are some screenshots from

Now for the big reveal! Check out the Slurpee ad series: "Domo Gets a Brainfreeze" (produced by dwarf inc. from Japan)... 

Episode 1: "Domo's First Slurpee"

Episode 2: "Domo's Journey"

Episode 3: "Domo Returns To Earth"


Searching around the web for more Domo web/U.S. invasion, I found out that somehow Domo even managed to stop by Target last Halloween without my knowledge...

Want to indulge in more Domo goodness? Pop by TheDomoNation's YouTube Page for lots of little video tidbits and go wild with goodies galore at! And coming soon to the U.S.? A Domo DVD!

It is hard for me to end this post because I could go on forever about how I love Japanese commercials. I'll save that rant for another day. I can only hope that this spark of interest in Japanese pop culture continues to flare. Passing by all the 7-Eleven stores and seeing Domo puts a huge smile on my face!

I'll close with two (unfortunately low quality) Japanese 7-Eleven commercials. Simple, subtle and heartfelt. The slogan of Japanese 7-Eleven stores: "7-Eleven, Ii Kibuun" which means "7-Eleven, Good Feelings." These ads bring me back to the way I felt entering any 7-Eleven store in Japan - welcome, happy and hungry. (The stores smelled different during each season of the year: Summer smelled like hot dogs and popsicles (weird but oishii, "delicious"); Fall smelled like pizza buns (a variation of nikuman); Winter reeked of oden; and springtime meant muscat candy and cocktails in a can... Again, I could go on and on with many wonderful memories...)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of my favorite types of online advertising is site takeovers, especially when the (taken over) website truly gives you a feel for the advertised product.

     Today's example: by Adobe's Creative Suite 4.

               Literally, "simply pulchritudinous..."

Hillbilly Hot Tub

hilarious. always cracks me up.

Find more Quiznos fun on their Toaster website, their Twitter page and their Facebook page...

Miss Piggy's back!

That's right! It's true! Miss Piggy is back and attracting some leading men in her direction: Taye Diggs and James Denton for Disney Parks. These hunky hunks and the muppets are helping promote an offer from Disney Parks to get a ticket to one of their parks for free by giving a day of service to a participating organization. The first ad features Taye Diggs and "Bella Notte" from Lady and the Tramp... so charming! ahhhh:

And I think the pairing of James Denton with the Muppets in the ad below is a great combo!

Find more videos from Disney Parks on their YouTube page...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Previously on...

I'm a big fan of Hulu but until I saw the girl doing crunches ad for ("See It For Yourself NCIS"), I never really knew that there were other popular options for watching television online. I still enjoy this ad every single time I see it so I thought I would share!

Great casting! A simple message: sometimes you'd rather watch a show for yourself than hear a longwinded rundown from a friend... I might have to give Fancast a try one weekend. Here are links for some other ads for CSI Miami, How I Met Your Mother and one of my personal favorite shows Glee (below!). 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Really? I like a carpet ad?!

Look at this carpet!

The carpet is SmartStrand from the Mohawk Flooring brand and it is reinforced with DuPont Sorona polymer (this is a renewably sourced polymer. You can find out more about the environmental impact of this polymer on the carpet's website, here).

First of all, this looks like the coolest carpet ever. Stains coming off with only water? Amazing.

Secondly, the freeze frames of the spills are spectacular. This is one messy family! Looks like they were having an awesome party too...

Apparently this carpet is generating a lot of buzz. The ad itself, "Frozen Moment," was mentioned in featured in Adweek's "Ad of the Day" post on October 5 (ad agency: Cramer-Krasselt). And it was featured on The Martha Stewart Show. Mohawk even made a separte landing page called "" where you can watch a clip of Martha Stewart promoting the brand on her show.

Additionally, in August, Chip Wade from HGTV and the Birmingham Zoo took on the hosting duties of the SmartStrand Challenge in which Ricko the Rhino (a Black Rhino, an endangered species) lived on a SmartStrand carpet for 2 weeks.Unfortunately, I couldn't find any links to see if the carpet stood up to the challenge in the end! I guess I'll have to wait and see...

Find out more about SmartStrand on their website.

Monday, October 12, 2009

5-Hour Energy... "How Do You Decide?"

It's Saturday morning, 10 o'clock. Probably tired. Get up, play with the dog, open the fridge... a glass of water, something to eat and then what? A sugar-free Redbull or a 5-Hour Energy shot? Make myself a hot cup of tea? Or nothing? Maybe go back to sleep...How do I decide?

The other day I saw an ad (a 60-second spot) for 5-Hour Energy called "How Do You Decide" (below) that really put into words my explanation of why I keep 5-Hour Energy shots in the fridge in the first place.


I'll be honest, I don't think the nutritional value of this tiny little bottle of chemicals is equal to an apple or an avocado or a handful of nuts. But it makes me feel a little better knowing that jam-packed inside this tiny little thing that revs me up to just the right level is an amount of caffeine that's actually equivalent to the amount found in a regular cup of coffee. Let me point out that on a daily basis, I usually get my caffeine from two cups of herbal tea. I am a huge tea freak. And I know tea is much healthier than energy drinks. But I'm not always in the mood for a hot cup of tea, especially on the weekends.

...Moving on to the real reason I sometimes choose to drink a (whole) 5 Hour Energy shot... I'm TIRED and I need something to perk me up, big time. I don't feel like tea and I don't feel like drinking a whole can of SweetTart-tasting carbonated Red Bull or any other sugar-free energy drink for that matter. The 5 Hour Energy shot is itsy-bitsy and it only has 4 calories. There's no sugar and it really does make me feel "bright and alert," just like the commercial says. (I don't worry about feeling "wired" or "jittery" because personally, I've never had an energy drink like that. The only times I've ever felt like that were when I had about seven cups of tea in a row pulling all-nighters studying for exams or working on my thesis in college. But that was my own fault!)

Basically, in my mind, the success of this ad is that it's given me, a loyal drinker, a new idea to increase my consumption of the product. It's true that I don't always reach for a 5-Hour Energy shot. Sometimes I do crave the SweetTart taste of RedBull and I do drink a lot (A LOT) of tea. But after seeing the commercial, I'm tempted to try drinking only half a bottle. The fact is that drinking a whole 5-Hour Energy shot sometimes gives me too much energy. I'd probably be fine with just half a bottle (the label suggests trying this as well, I just never really gave the idea much attention). 

Thanks to this ad, the next time I quizzically open the fridge on a Saturday morning, I think my choice will be a little easier. I think this spot is a great introduction to the product in general. Overall, I'm a fan of 5-Hour Energy and I hope their advertising stays on this informative path (rather than the loud, gaudy ads I've seen in the past). 

You can find out more about the 5-Hour Energy shot on their homepage and on their YouTube page.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"What the bleep?!" I can't figure out if I like these ads or not!

These two ads ("What the Bleep? Office" and "What the Bleep? Dorm") would probably annoy most people... but I'm not most people...

(Here are the uncensored versions of "What the Bleep" Office and Dorm with the word "bleepin" instead of the censor.) 

The ads are for Powermat, which wireless charges phones and other electronic devices (once they've been enabled to work with the product).

So why do I like the ads? This a cool product! No wonder the guys in "Dorm" are supposed to be excited... and you know what? They probably could "get so many f-in chicks with this thing." And I just love how serious all of the adults in "Office" are when they're cursing.

But here's what I don't like... I don't think the cursing in "Dorm" works for me in either version of the ad. And personally, "bleepin" just doesn't work AT ALL in the uncensored version of "Office." The word "bleepin" annoys me actually. Overall, the campaign seems a little unbalanced here.

Ultimately though, to give Powermat a bit of credit, the censored "Office" made me laugh and still does!

Find out more about the product at Powermat's homepage or at their YouTube page where you can find a (very basic) guided tour.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GameFly ad... I watched it til the end.

How do I tell if an ad is a good one?
If I watch it til the end.
** today's example:  "Opera Hurts" by GameFly

Simply, I love it. I watched it til the end.
I don't use GameFly but I'll be keeping an eye out for more ads from them.

(I had seen this ad before without the opera music and when I looked for it on YouTube, I found two versions of "Bad Game," a very similar 30-second spot ...High quality version and regular version, both from GameFly's YouTube page.)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yahooooooooo! and you (and me)

I have a confession to make. My default search engine is And even with the new site changes, it's still my go-to search site. Although I use many of Google's tools (recently I became obsessed with Picasa for editing and uploading photos), I'm just not a big fan of the oversimplified aesthetics of (or for that matter).

The commercial that inspired this blog post is called "Anthem" (posted below, 60 sec.; there is also a 30 sec. spot airing on television now) and is part of Yahoo!'s global "It's You" marketing campaign. Overall, I'm really drawn to the bright colors and I like the simple, clear copy that tells us the new Yahoo! is where "news travels faster," "friends come closer" and "you go farther." There you can "consume, share, buzz, destroy, earn, flirt, watch and wonder in new ways... you ways." It's a place that will "launch a billion yodels." It's a place "shaped like you" and "brought to you and made by you." The last line... "Yahoo... it's you."

On Advertising Age's You Tube page, I found the video "Yahoo's New Advertising Creative" in which you can see some of the campaign's print ads too...

Later, browsing Yahoo!'s YouTube page, I found a couple videos related to the new Yahoo! homepage...

First, a funny one, "Geek Speak: Behind the new Yahoo! Homepage":

(translation: it's faster, easier to use and customizable.)

Probably the most informative video I found was "Backstage at the Yahoo! homepage" that takes place in the Yahoo! bullpen where they decide what goes on the front page of According to Liz Lufkin, Senior Editorial Director, Yahoo!'s editorial mission is to "engage, entire and expand." Representing the face of the brand, homepage planners continually watch news wires to see what's happening and "coming down the stream." Not only do they try to predict what people want to see, but the planners try to construct Yahoo!'s front page based upon what they think users need to see... something that's amazing rather than interesting. Apparently sometimes this could be simply giant squids. But just because something like a giant squid is spiking in search doesn't necessarily mean that Yahoo! should focus on marine animals. Lufkin finds leveraging buzz and search queries is definitely a hidden asset and very useful in planning Yahoo!'s homepage on a daily basis. Overall, in her opinion, programming for 100 million people should be based on really good journalism and doing the right thing for the audience.

Here's another quick vid, "Yahoo! in Times Square for Advertising Week". Watch and find out how to say "It's You" in different languages Japanese, "Sore wa anata desu." (but I already knew that!)

Very on-the-street feel but not annoying or pitch-y. Cute background music.

I also found a video about "Yahoo! User Stories" that luckily doesn't feel like it's selling me something (as I often feel when I see Windows ads for example.) A few sound bites: Yahoo! is part of the users' lives, a "family member," a "one-stop-shop," a "life saver," it's simple and it's easy. 


Apparently users say Yahoo! gets you what you need when you need it. And I agree. 

While the advertising for focused on the need for a more targeted search engine that provides the right information with less confusion for the user, the advertising for the revamped Yahoo! site really puts the spotlight on the actual user with personalization, speed and general user-friendliness. I'll take the latter.

And I'll close with a throwback Super Bowl ad, "Do You Yahoo" below...