Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Bowl ads 2008

USA Today's Ad Meter rated the Budweiser dog trains a horse to the tune of the Rocky theme the #1 Super Bowl ad of 2008. #2 went to the FedEx pigeons. #3 to the annoying Bridgestone screaming animals.

So here's my spiel about the ratings... The
Bridgestone critters just didn't make any sense to me. They were kind of irritating to be honest. The FedEx pigeons maybe made me laugh at one part, I think when the car smashed through the window. If I recall, it was one of the first ads that got me to laugh. But I don't think it deserved second place. Budweiser always goes all out but I liked the zebra instant replay ad from 2003 and even last year's crab ad a lot better. (
You can also find out more from the Wikipedia article on annual #1 Ad Meter winners. And here's a great video recap.)

Here are  MY TOP 5 ...

1. The user-generated Doritos ad with the huge mouse. Simple and hilarious. Number one because it's user-generated and also just cause it's my favorite! (#4 on Ad Meter- good enough for me.)

2. The Sobe Lifewater lizards dancing to "Thriller" with Naomi Campbell ad. One minute of awesomeness. The lizard with the grill, the farting lizard, so much attention paid to the little details. LOVED IT!!! But the Ad Meter put it at #11. Boo.
3. Bud Light's wine and cheese ad. Football-related but very original. #6 on Ad Meter... cheers.
Diet Pepsi Max. Maybe cause I love Missy Elliott and LL Cool J or maybe cause Busta cracked me up or maybe (ok definitely) because the Roxbury music/head bobbing was PRICELESS. 60 seconds felt like a breeze and the Chris Kattan cameo rocked. (#8 on Ad Meter, but I felt it should have been one or two spots higher.)
5. Good ol Coke.
Leave it to Coke to keep it classic. Charlie Brown = classic. Coke= classic; it's in the name of the brand itself. The floats were cute, especially Stewie. And I think it was this cuteness that scored it a #7 spot on the charts.

Honorable mentions:

If I had to give a #6, it would go to the Pepsi ad with J-Timberlake. Why? Cause of the Andy Samberg in a wig cameo and the funny ending with the nosy father. And because the commercial showed the idea of how just a sip will get you closer to music downloads in a less than obvious way. But I think #21 was a decent rating.
#7 would go to AMP energy drink (Ad Meter's #25) with their auto mechanic "Push It" ad with the jumper cables. Although dangerous, it made me laugh, maybe a few extra laughs may have upped ratings a bit though...and wasn't that the guy from Salute Your Shorts??

Carrying on, I also mostly liked the Tide talking spot. And the Career Builder ads were MUCH better than last year. Props also to SalesGenie for pushing the envelope with their cartoons. I also liked the NFL Chester Pitts ad and the Toyota badger ad. For Taco Bell, their ad might have been mediocre but I think they chose a good way (kind of cute, kind of funny) to advertise their new meals. Finally, I thought the ads were pretty funny.

My least favorite ads:
The past few years have made this list disappointingly long for me...BOOs go out to
. They might win award for quickest run to the computer but I'm pretty sure they had the budget to earn a higher spot on the Ad Meter list than #48.
And Garmin? A great brand, but Napolean could have been used more humorously and strategically to promote their navigation systems. Personally, the E-Trade babies and the Planters unibrow girl creeped me out. But Planters did choose a good theme song for theirs, and a good enough idea overall to get them in Ad Meter's top 10, at #9.
The T-mobile ad with Charles Barkley bored me almost to tears. Same with the Dell RED ad. T-Mobile needs to get rid of their celebrity spokespeople for a while. Lastly, the ads for Under Armour and Sunsilk
, two incredibly fierce brand (I love that word a smidge too much) were wayy lacking in fierceness... yes that's a word. Under Armour's apparel was shown on people running, jumping, etc.   Simply speaking, the commercial was overdone and still banal. Nice looking models though, couldn't complain about that. And cool shoes. Soooo, Under Armour = fitness/sports? We know. BLAH. And Sunsilk... I love their products but the introduction of their new campaign fizzled. The idea of using Shakira's hair as an icon was fresh but Madonna's hair? Who cares. The commercial just wasn't funky enough... at least not as stimulating as their revamped website/interactive components of the same campaign. Better luck next year guys.


     So... what'd you think???